Catholic PickUp Lines

You are gazing at the majestic pew and the wooden benches when someone caught your attention.
Whether you heard her angelic voice and saw her beautiful smile, you already know your heart was already captivated.
You thought this was wrong because one of the commandments of the Lord was ‘thou shall not steal’.
Your heart was yours, but this angel already grabbed it like it was her own possession.
You decided to confront this lady and demanded the best punishment – getting her love as an exchange.
Maybe you can try few of these pick-up lines, so the both of you would have a chance to find out if your future takes you, literally, at the end of the church.

I think I am already falling in love with the striking and magnificent guardian angel like you.

I don’t mind if you are a Catholic or any part of religion, as long as I know I will marry you.

I noticed your magnificent voice, and probably the serenade of the beautiful angels in heaven.


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Can I have a dance with this gorgeous lady wearing a pretty white dress in this holy ground?

Are you a Catholic because I was wondering if I should take your hand and wed in church?

Can you hear the rhythm of the cold wind, which I think would be our future wedding song?

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Let me take your hand while we sing the lullaby of the priests and nuns in our silent prayers.

Just know that I am a Catholic who wished for meeting my beautiful soulmate, then I met you.

I can’t believe that we are now dancing gracefully here in the middle of this lost holy ground.

I want to sing to the Lord about the eternal love and compassion that I will only offer for you.

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We can dance along with the holy music and the soulful beat of the harp played by the angels.

I thought you are an archangel just disguised as the pretty lady that I will marry in the future.

I bet the archangels and the little cupids are celebrating the success of our encounter today.

I believed brought us together in this corner, covered with the beauty of our everlasting love.

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I am actually glad that the heavens gave the woman that I will love for every beat of my heart.

I want to witness how our love would start with the sacred touch in the majestic holy ground.

You believed in your Catholicism while I believed in the blessing of your religion to our love.


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Like a seedling that starts to grow, our love for each other will be catholic and never-ending.

We only just met but I actually thought your divine beauty is a catholic and a blessing in life.

We can be catholic lovers who will be forever dancing in the small corner of this holy ground.

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You can wear your glamorous white dress while you waltz with the song of the church bells.

The first time I saw your face, I thought I was hearing the whole book of Psalms in my ears.

I beg your pardon, but I thought I already met you as my soulmate and my Mary Magdalene.

I can sing thousands of these hymns, like how I will show all of my everlasting love for you.

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I want to hug my holy bible out of happiness just like I want to be wrapped by your embrace.

Let’s sing the hymn of the Lord as we start to dance here outside the majestic cathedral.

You should see the way you sing the hymns of the Lord is like being embraced by the angels.

I can imagine this eternal love of ours will be catholic and true in the presence of the Lord.


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I can feel the opening of the gates of heaven when we start to meet here in this dark pub.

When you came right now, I thought I heard hundreds of angels singing the hymn of the God.

We should wait until the heaven blesses this love, and I will be standing here beside you.

Your beauty was so pristine and catholic, it actually amazed me it really existed right here.

Do you think maybe we can go out and move to a nicer place, like the majestic cathedral?

Your dress is really amazing, but you should also look good in a nice white wedding gown.

I could grab your hand now and take you into the place like you would feel in the holy ground.

When I first met you, I heard the tinkling of church bells and smelled the scent of the flowers.

I never thought I will ever witness a love to be so tender, passionate, catholic, and endless.

I will just have to look right into your gorgeous eyes and then everything will be catholic.

You have an angelic face that can lift everybody’s spirit and hear every hymn of the angels.

Are you a church who will be the one who will give me all of the blessings and eternal love?

You are like the Psalms who can bring the serenity and calmness to the dark chaotic world.

You and your love are the only miracles that I need in this life full of sorrow and loneliness.

You are the catholic that I need in every Easter Sunday, Halloween, and the joyful Christmas.

I want to think of you as the solitary miracle and the blessing that I must achieve in this life.

You can sing all of your love right here in this holy ground, and I will still be in love with you.

I hope that the heaven will make my wish come true like the stars will guide my love to you.

I hope this everlasting love that I’ll offer to you will be catholic and genuine as it should be.

I want to whisper your catholic name like the angels sing in the heavenly sky for eternity.

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Your catholic bible in your lap maybe gives me an impression of faithfulness and devotion.

You should notice that your beautiful catholic name is like a blessing and miracle in my ears.

When I first saw you here, I heard the tiny church bells and I saw you wearing a golden ring.

I found out now that you are my catholic, penitence, sacrifice, serenity, utopia, and heaven.

Sooner or later, you will realize that this love is purely catholic and genuine in all aspects.

I want to dance with you across this town while you wear your best dress and golden rings.

My fantasy includes the dancing with the rhythm of the wind while under the church bells.

I want to lay down forever with you in this piece of land that they always call the holy ground.

When I gaze right into your eyes, I felt like I am reading the emerging in the book of Psalms.

When the book of Revelation would finally happen, I want to be beside you at that moment.

I want to hear your version of the hymn of the Lord and how they would take us to paradise.

I hope you will find the serenity and the catholic love that you always dream of ever since.

I wish I could also walk on the water, so I can literally cross the oceans just to reach for you.

We should think about falling in love with the blessing given by our mighty God and Creator.

I believed you are my utmost wish for the millions of miracles and the thousands of blessings.

I want to believe all of my passionate love for you will remain catholic until the end of time.

My apologies, but I thought you were the archangel who was singing in this church choir.

I just have to close my eyes and feel your beauty along with the wonderful song of the angels.

Maybe someday we can kneel together in a majestic cathedral and raise our hands to pray.

Perhaps the heavenly sky brought us together for the union of true love and gracefulness.

We can walk right here, ride in my car, and go to the nearest church to say the words, ‘I do’.

We can hope for another millions of miracles just for us to be together until the end of time.

You could wish for a catholic faith and I could give you literally everything else in my life.

Somehow I hope you could be the one who would make a wish for another series of miracles.

I would need for us to go into this holy bible and be the catholic lovers in this chaotic town.

I want to wear my wedding rings while you would be catholic in wearing these wedding dress.

I can never imagine I will see someone with the divine power of the beauty of the catholic.

I want to sing the hymn of the angels while you dance with your striking white wedding dress.

You are the only catholic lover that I literally wished for in this life full of sinners and frauds.

I thought you were the catholic archangel who was my savior and my millions of blessings.

I literally have this catholic dream of us together standing beneath the golden church bells.

Let me be your wonderful lover who will make our love to be the most catholic and pristine.

I want to sail the oceans and read the book of Psalms with you as we lay down in this bed.

I want to sing all of the hymns and the anthems of the Lord and all of my eternal love for you.

We should be the catholic lovers who would wish for salvation against the danger of this love.

I can wish for the catholic dream, but all I want is the miracle of the two of us being together.

I am deeply in the fantasy of us together and living in the kingdom of blessings and miracles.

I can testify how I think your beauty is my salvation and miracle in this dark and sinful world.

Your divine beauty is my salvation and your sweet voice is a blessing from the heavenly sky.

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