Car PickUp Lines

Stuck on a heavy traffic and caught someone lovely for your eyes and desperately wanted to make a move? These pick-up lines are perfect for you specially if you have your wheels with you or your girl looks like into wheels.
Go on and grab your pick-up line below:

I can make you fall in love faster than the fastest racing car in the world ever can drive fast.

I want to race with me to the end of this world in this lifetime because I gladly would?

Boy you make me want to fall in love faster than this car is capable of can ever drive long.


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You got my heart racing’ faster than it is capable of handling and I love you for that.

I do not care if we go slow or fast as long as I am with you for I care for you the most.

Girl I only care about you; I will go the distance for you that is the reality that I can do.

It doesn’t matter if you are far, I will make my car go fastest to get to you so I can see you.

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Babe, getting into my car is synonymous to getting into my life indefinitely that is true.

I’ll try every car key I have just to get into your heart and I will gladly do it as fast as I can.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

Darling, you hold the keys to my heart and I’ll let you hold my car keys as long as you want.

Want a free ride in my car towards the door of forever with me because I am willing to do so.

I will give you a free ride in my car every day if that means being this close to you my baby.

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Dear, make sure you honk before you enter my heart because I do not want to be surprised.

Your smile, your laugh, your mind and your entirety drive me insane and I am crazy for you.

You and my car are my only religion I want to continue forever and ever until the end.


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If I am your car I will let you drive me slow, fast, whatever you wanted me to be, for sure.

Crush, if I am going to be your ride I will let you set the pace of this car and you navigate it.

I do not care if you control where we are going and the music as long as you are with me.

You make my headlights turn on automatically and I am amazed at how fast it goes to turn.

Babe, you have got amazing body; I will honk my car for you a dozen times as you need me to.

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I will give you my car keys if you give me the keys to your heart, that is a pretty good deal.

Girl does car pick-up lines work for you because for you I will be creative as much as I can.

Want to ride my car? Say yes and I will definitely give you the ride of your life, my darling.

Do you have time? Because my car needs you to fill up its gas if you can kindly do that.

Sweet Pickup Lines

I do not mind filling up your car’s gas as long as I get a ride from you, will you give me?

Love, what you do to me is enough gas to make me feel energized and positive as well.

Sir you should know car washes are more fun when done with me so let’s do it together?

My car or your car? Does not matter because we are definitely having fun tonight, baby.


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I do not care about the color of your car as long as we’re both going to be red tonight.

Hey baby I got a car and you at the same time. My life is complete when I am with you.

If you wanted to be chase just say so, I got a car and maybe we can bring it to wherever.

How could you possibly be hotter than my car it is imaginably the best thing ever?

Darling I have got a baby in my car but I still want you as my babe.

Honey it is as if the waze in my car is broken. Can you help me navigate towards your heart?

You make my ride look hotter when you are on it.

I won’t ever be lost because I’ve got the directions to you memorized in my mind

I fell in love with you when I first saw you driving that pretty.

I would do a u-turn a thousand times just to get to see you again every now and then.

Lady, I’ll beat the red light just to be with you tonight a little bit longer.

Do you need a driver? Because you look like you need to be driven to a happy place.

I could seat through heavy traffic as long as there’s music and you.

Your wheels are hot but you’re way hotter than that and I hope you will believe me on it.

I am willing to show you how much efficient I am tonight if you will let me show you my car.

Between me and my car I am more efficient than her. Let me show you tonight.

I will not ever need recharging when I am with you because you energized me.

I promise I am 100% charged. Let me show you this 100% tonight.

Whatever game we play I will never need an exhaust pipe that’s for sure, my honey pie.

Sweetie, you need change of oil? How about a change of heart? I will give you mine.

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Want to go dancing’ inside? Ride my wheels and I’ll teach you how to get the best of it.

I do not mind running up my mileage as long as I’m doing it with you my darling.

I would like to go to wonderland on my wheels but I see that you are body is already one.

We will make sure that our noise is enough to drive people away you and I we definitely will.

You make my wheels keep on turning every night and day and I love you for every reason.

I dream about us on a road trip. Want to make that dream come true of me being with you?

I am hitting my favorite place. Want to come with me and be as happy as anyone can be?

Do you want to have a road trip? I will let you decide our speed and I will let you drive my ride.

You should know that I am an expert, I could do it in crammed space like this amazing ride.

Want to learn road signs? See that sign? It says you should definitely fall in love with me.

You look good but you will look best when you are on my wheels and looking happily.

Girl you look sad. Let me take you to a nice ride and I will show you my place right after.

Tonight, has been a fun ride. Want to do this again tomorrow night or for the rest of the year?

My batteries are enough to fuel you back to life so would you like to test it out or would you?

I do not need batteries as long as I have you I feel energized enough more than I can manage.

Love, if you need jumping just call me and I will definitely be there no matter what time it is.

If you need to test drive my thing, I would love to go through it with you because I like it.

You can have me tonight for test drive as long as you need to or as long as you want to.

My heart is going to wreck if you do not choose to stay with me so promise me to stay.

I do not mind being wrecked by you as long as I get to experience being with you.

I need a change of oil. Want to help me with that and then we can just hang around?

I do not mind doing the dirty work for you as long as you will get dirty with me.

I dare you to get dirty with me tonight so I wonder if you truly will, let me know soon.

You can ignite my wheels just by staring at me like that and I cannot even help myself.

Because of your innate hotness you ignite my wheels involuntarily just like that.

Can you please rearrange my rear view mirrors so that I can see your lovely face better.

I do not have a garage. Can I park at your garage instead? I could treat you afterwards

I don’t mind if you’re going to pool with me, just bring your beautiful self with you.

You have the ability to ignite my soul and my entire world all at once and it’s amazing.

My car is shockproof so the game you are thinking of doing can be done there.

I need all the rear view mirrors I can get if you plan on sitting at the back because I like you.

You look like an accident I am not going to take my eyes off of you not matter what I try to do.

You are my favorite driver who drives me perfectly insane so just keep doing that, my dear.

Girl I would like to hold your hand while I am holding the dipstick just to get close to you.

I would willingly take a U-turn just to get back to you in time for you are the love of my life.

You got my machine overheating just by looking at you and it feels so amazingly good.

If you are going to be my wheels I will not let them borrow you because you are mine alone.

You shock me every time I get to spend time with you and I find it so amazingly relaxing.

I am willing to get a speeding ticket just to get you in time and I will do it as much as I want.

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