Canadian PickUp Lines

Canadian people are generally hot when it comes to both boys and girls.
There are a lot of things that these Canadians have to be proud of in their home country such as their maple syrup, their hockey, the beaver and a whole lot more.
Did you happen to see a cute Canadian guy or a sexy Canadian girl on your way back to wherever you are going and felt like hitting up on this Canadian person? Worry no more for here are some cool Canadian pickup lines that will surely help you out in picking up a Canadian and having lots of funs with him or her tonight.

How did I know you are Canadian? I think it must have been the smell of maple syrup now.

You must be a beaver because girl, you have got some nice tail going in there, yes you do.

I know beaver loves some wood, I have something hard for you inside of my pants, darling.


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Do you like hockey? Girl, I would love to score with you right now, would you let me do it?

If you are some maple tree, I would gladly give you a tap, would you like to see me try, girl?

I would like to tell you we live in one of the largest countries, I have something large too.

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I hope you utilized the public healthcare in the country when you feel from heaven, angel.

Canadian are said to have a large monster inside their jeans, care to show me tonight, boy?

If you like my cologne, wait until you smell my thing, I wash it with the same soap twice daily.

You see, fall rarely comes here but you if you would like to fall, you can fall into this bed now.

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Baby, you should try setting up your red light because I will try my best to score up with you.

I am a Canadian goalie so you need not worry for I am always have protection with me, okay?

You should forget the whipped cream, I will let you taste my own delicious cream tonight.

How about you help me get another win for Canada with another score, let’s do it this time.

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I can surely use some Canadian banging right now, if you know what I mean, after all now.

I hope you like swans for they mate only once and for life, I want that with us too, Canadian.

Honey, you should be falling for me by now, here beside me in bed, want to see it yourself?


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Would you like to play hockey with me? You can be the goalie, I’d put the puck right in you.

I want to see for myself if it is true that Canadian pussies really do taste like maple syrup.

Maybe we should try playing a game, one where we hide the totem pole which is my thing.

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Like swans, I want to mate with you and if you find me good, we can mate for life, canadian.

I think of Canada and find myself shivering already of cold, maybe we should cuddle tonight.

Tonight, I can promise you that you will see those Northern lights as you scream your lungs.

I wake up at 5 am just to have hockey training but I will stay awake with you all night, baby.

Engineering PickUp Lines

You should give up one more score to me, in terms of being Canadian baby, let me have at it.

I am more than willing to give up hockey practice if it means falling asleep in your arms, girl.

How I wish I can get as close to those lips of yours like Horton’s coffee can, my Canadian.

I am so into architecture and I suggest you see my own CN tower here inside my pants now.


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I’m gonna suck you dry like you are made of maple syrup, would you like me to try it out too?

Canadian women seems to have great assets, I knew it the first moment I saw your rack, baby.

I have seen a lot of this country but I have yet to see any part of you, so baby show it to me.

Show me just how good the women in your country is, prove them to me on your bed tonight.

You have such a pretty face, I wonder if you also have a good body, show me, Canadian girl?

I think you can take me wherever you want, maybe even on top of this country, how about it?

You look like a Canadian to me, would you like to ask me out tonight? You Can- ah – Duh!

Should you be in a hurry, do not worry, I am really good at the game give and then go, babe.

Your friend looks like she is partly a maple tree, would you mind if I give her a light tap now?

Your spirit animal must have been a beaver, do not worry, I’ll get you some wood Canadian.

We should try out my house and so I can show you all of my puck collection right in there too.

My friends told me that I am but a loon but the truth is that I am just so crazy for you, honey.

I’d love to go out with a Canadian, if you are one, let’s go and have and surprise her now.

Nope, I do not have a gun inside of my pants, that is my thing, are you interested in me now?

Until the moment I saw you, I never thought I would believe that artic fox do exist in real life.

I have a totem pole inside of my pants, I hope you can help me up in raising it about this time.

Hey, Jack, want to see if I have got any lumber inside of me, come and test it out, see it today.

We can try for a café, or we can just go have sex twice in a row, I would like double on either.

Being Canadian must have given you some perks you have that bulge in your pants to prove it.

This is the way I imagined us to meet, you on top of me, looking at me with your sultry eyes.

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I think you must have been born around Bluenose for you are truly a dime, that’s the truth.

What do you think? I’m really good at my stick, right, you should see me in action about now.

Your star sign must have been a shooting one for you look like a miracle to me right now, girl.

Would you let me into your tundra, I can see that it is already flowing with water, let me taste.

Canadian or not, I am good with sticks and you should definitely see that by this time of day.

I heard we must save some endangered species and help them out, my woodcock needs help.

You should check out my water bed, I heard that it is really full of beer, we can jug on it too.

What you remind me of is a ski hill, you have these nice mounds that looks like those hills.

Had I known that girls here look like you, I would have gone to this place more often now.

I should show you this collection I have, pure pucks that I have done way before our time.

I am more than willing to lose all my sleep if it means being beside you all night long, babe.

I drink good and I drink well, beer, wine, bring them all, I can still make my thing stand too.

I’m in no hurry, I will take your time and I shall suck you dry before you go anywhere else.

You may not admit it but a Canadian girl is really good in bed, want to try it out for yourself?

I heard Canadian women have unbelievable cup size, would you show me about it as well?

I love the way you look without clothes but even better when I’m on top of you, Canadian girl.

I think I must be a tree because I am getting harder and harder whenever I see you close now.

I used to be a goalie back in the days so rest assured, we will always have protection, girl.

I know where some good wood can be found, here in my pants, wanna see it for yourself?

I bet it hurt a lot when you feel from heaven above but hey, wanna let me ease up your pain?

My friends told me that Canadian girls taste really sweet, let me see if that is true, baby girl.

I can help you out in maneuvering the stick, I have done a lot of pucks straight into goals.

I heard you are good with sticks, maybe you can help me out with mine, it’s really hard too.

Before fall arrives, I’ll make sure that you would be falling into this water bed of mine then.

I am in a mood to hurry but do not worry, I will make sure that you will be satisfied tonight.

Even if I have early practice the next day, I am more than willing to stay up all night with you.

Canadian woman, I’d love to show you around my house, want me to give you the best tour?

I am going crazy about a girl like you, that my friends start calling me a lunatic, I don’t care.

You are all that I will ever think of from morning until night, go out with me, my darling girl.

I am totally in the mood for a good puck, I even have my stick ready and super hard now.

I bet you would like to see my lumber by now, come and put your hand inside of my pants.

Maybe we should test out my stick before we put the puck inside of your goal, what of that?

You have some nice mounds, I just want to put my hands on them tonight, my Canadian girl.

I’d love to get a taste of some Canadian men, and honey I am picking you, come on now too.

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