Call of Duty PickUp Lines

Crazy about your favorite game but crazier about this special someone you met at that game area? Desperate for something to start up your conversation who shares the same passion as yours that is playing your favorite game? Jittery about starting up your conversation in a funny way? Below are some of the pick-up lines we have created just for you, gamer! Enjoy going through them and pick the right line for that special someone.
Have fun!

My favorite game or you? There is no way I’d be choosing that game over you.

I heard you want to learn how to play this game? You should I am the best in that game.

I heard you want to learn this game? I’ll give you every day, that’s a win-win situation.


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I don’t have much pick-up lines but I can pick you up fine if you watch me play this game.

My favorite moment? Playing games like this with you. Never gets old.

I promise I’ll protect you and your heart with a determination I use when playing call of duty.

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I have seen different bombs and grenades while playing this game but you’re still my favorite

I will block shot after shot given by other guys to connect to you because I love you.

Want a funny guy? I can make you laugh with all the call of duty pick-up line I’ve memorized.

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I can make your tummy hurt from laughing with all the pick-up lines related to this game.

Be ready to be turned on baby! Call of duty pick up lines are coming.

I will let you destroy me in Call of duty as long as you’ll let me destroy you tonight.

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Do I need to bomb you just so you’d give me your attention?

Baby just like the song says, I am always ready to catch a grenade for you.

For you, I am willing to sacrifice my lives to make you happy.


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I only want to see you bombed in my bed not in this game, I promise.

No need to think about choosing between you and call of duty. I’d definitely choose you.

Darling, you are my number one duty followed by the call of duty.

Tonight, I am bringing you home and we’ll be playing our two favorite games in the world.

There is no way I am going to choose my favorite game over you.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

The minute you walked in the room I get this rush I only get when I am playing call of duty.

I can get so competitive so I won’t let them have you without a fight.

I do not need this game to fill up my time because I already have you.

Girl, you are more addicting than my favorite game-Call of duty.

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Boy, I know a game that can cure you of your addiction to this game. My place tonight?

Want to be cured of your addiction to that game? Meet me at my place tonight.

You satisfy me more than my favorite game could.

You make me crazy like only various sessions of my favorite game could.

I find myself crazier for you than I am for my favorite game.


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Damn I want you so bad, more than I want that weapon in my favorite game.

I am willing to spend all my resources to you just to get you.

Damn girl. Did you come out straight from that game? Because you definitely are the bomb.

God are you made of bomb? Because you are one hot girl.

I only get satisfaction from two things you and sessions of call of duty.

You are the only bomb I don’t mind being the reason I get killed.

I don’t mind getting bombed if that’s you who would bomb me.

Boy, I know a way how to get away your attention from that favorite game of yours.

Oh no this is not an M60, you just really got my attention.

Did the fall hurt you? Because you look like the care package coming all the way from heaven.

Do you want to know what tactical insertion mean? My place tonight?

I will collect more and more COD points to be able to unlock your heart and your smile.

Do you want to see and play with my hardened pro?

I will never regret using my predator missile of that would impress you.

I wonder how much lovelies are hiding behind that ballistic vest of yours.

Want a tip? Use a Full Metal Jacket so you go on further.

I’ve got a cold blooded heart but I can definitely warm it for you.

What do you think of my long barrel? Do you want it longer?

I need you in my life like I needed a map pack in Call of duty.

Girl you are unique as unique as no-scope shot from the map in Call of duty.

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I wish I could get to see you as easily as pressing a button in Call of duty.

I am on auto-aim like on Call of duty but this thing never ceases to pick up your beauty.

I wish I could just press X and you will automatically pop up here in my room.

Girl, I would give up Call of duty just to spend more time with you.

A ghillie suit suits your personality baby. You still look amazing on them.

It is okay if you lose I know a game I’d be willing to let you win. My place tonight?

Want to end this game and just have a private match with me?

Do you mind if I invite you to a private match of Call of duty later today?

What tactic would it take to make you give your number to me?

Girl, I don’t mind dying a hundred times just so I can be with you.

I heard you are interested in long things. Do you want to see and experience my long barrel?

You do not have to use hacks to make me hard, Dear.

Are you close? Because maybe it’s time for me to use the blast shield.

Do you mind if I join this lobby so that you could admire my skills in Call of duty.

I am dying to double tap that wonderful behind of yours. Do you mind?

My favorite weapon is a sniper because it always hit the spot I want to. Want me to show you?

There are two things I want in the world, playing Call of duty and playing it with you.

You’re safe as long as you’re wearing that Flak Jacket because you make me want to explode.

Oh I don’t need any more instructions I know just where to hit that spot.

Recon? I don’t need one because I know just where to drop this artillary.

Girl I am good. I don’t need extreme conditioning to last long.

If I could last this long in Call of duty, I could definitely last longer in that game you plan.

Boy, I do not have to use a M2 Flamethrower to make me look like hot.

You are way hotter than a M2 Flamethrower.

I am not Pogo but I don’t mind if you like to jump on my stick.

I could be persistent so that I can be legendary in Call of duty and in your heart.

Baby, you have the ability to turn my once cold blooded heart into a warm one.

I promise it will take more than ten second before I explode.

I can be your assassin who will take your heart away if you will let me.

Do not look at me like that because not only my scope’s getting hard, I am too.

C4 blows. Want to be my C4 tonight and the next nights, babe?

Love, there is no need for a thermal scope because I can clearly see your sizzle from here.

You are like a semtex. I explode just by having you this near.

I promise I won’t explode that quickly like a semtex stick to me in great gun games.

If you like me then girl, give me a chanve to be your riot shield and make you feel good.

Babe, you and I tonight. Are you up for a tactical insertion?

Boy I don’t mind you dropping KEM to my chasm. Because you and I love Call of duty.

Riot shields are also for protecting you from other guys trying to pick you up.

I’ve got two grenades. Do you want to play with them? I promise they’re safe.

Don’t worry I am a straight shooter. Online games made me wise like that.

No need to worry. I have got a wonderful aim from playing some gun games.

I promise this won’t hurt. It’s just like being first blood in call of duty.

Oh are you by chance a flashbang? Because you are so damn stunning.

Time to put your Tac Resist on because I am going to give you a bang.

No need to wordy I don’t have a plan to destroy you.

Want to play a game tonight? I am going to search for you then destroy you in a good way.

You will always be on top of my list even when we aren’t playing online games.

I’ve got two grenades but they’re no match to you because you are a stunning grenade.

I have an infinite number of shells for you so don’t worry about me needing a reload.

I will overkill you tonight…with pleasure you never know existed. Ready your weapons.

As much as I want to play Call of duty, I’d rather spend my time with you.

I only allot my time for something/someone special like Call of duty and you, definitely you.

I don’t play online games but I’m willing to learn with you coz that means being with you.

I am a gamer too. Want to grab a drink and talk about our love for the online games out there.

I have got all these UAV’s and I just found you. Maybe you are just that precious huh?

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