Bunny PickUp Lines

You know that your heart has been a silent rock for the longest time.
You lived like this until a pair of gorgeous eyes and a sweet smile started to make your world go upside down.
Your heart beats like crazy, like an excited rabbit who found a delicious treat in front of his eyes.
You felt that it was like an Easter Day in your life, the day that your heart was resurrected for real.
You wonder how you can talk something to a beautiful lady like this.
Why not try few of these pick-up lines, so that you can turn this awkward air into a curious pair of loving bunnies who would want to drift away into their own wonderland?

Hey, I think you are beautiful as ever underneath the midnight sky, my dear honey bunny.

Let’s wear our happy rabbit smiles while we start to get out of our colorful birthday clothes.

Are you a little squishy rabbit who wants to become my honey bunny for the rest of our lives?


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My heart beats and flutters like a bunny hops along the winding road on a bright sunny day.

The day I met you in this dark and noisy pub is like a wonderful Easter Day in my entire life.

I think you are as pretty as a sunflower and as amiable as a white hare along the green grass.

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I want to wear a pink bunny suit and dance with you underneath the shining moon and stars.

I want to dream of dancing with you like we are both drifting away into our own wonderland.

My heart always goes jumping like an excited bunny whenever you move or utter something.

I think your smile makes my heart is like a cute hare that keeps jumping and hopping tonight.

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I want to see your gorgeous bunny smiles linger inside my mind for the rest of our happy lives.

You should hear my heart that keeps rolling, dancing, and hopping like an excited rabbit now.

I want to float away with you and race your pretty mind like an eager hare in our own race.

I felt that I am a cute little bunny in a race, who would fight for the first place in your heart.

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I want to see your gorgeous smile and beautiful mind linger right here for the rest of my life.

I can see your beautiful curious smile in the back of my mind who would only want for you.

I want to see your cute little bunny smile underneath the beautiful night sky for all the time.


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I can feel my heart go jumping like a cute little rabbit who wants to drift away to wonderland.

We could fall in love with each other and fly away into our piece of a world full of bunny love.

You should see this beautiful place as a rabbit hole where we just fall in love with each other.

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We should walk away from here and make a rabbit hole out of our curious jokes and puns.

I might be smiling now but I just want to grab your hand and take us away into a rabbit hole.

You should share your gorgeous bunny smiles with us as we felt like we are in wonderland.

I couldn’t believe that you can make me laugh with your cute rabbit look and little shy smiles.

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We could dive into our own rabbit hole right now, so we can find our own secret paradise.

Let me fly into the world where we can be rabbits who would hop with a golden pocket watch.

I want to see those dashing bunny smiles lurking underneath your gorgeous eyes all the time.

I want to dance along with the jumping little rabbits and the waltzing stars in the night sky.


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You might never know what the great effect of your pretty hare smile in my world would be.

Let me jump like a happy bunny when you are going to dance with the booming jazz music.

I want to fall in love with you like a cute little rabbit finally found his carrot treat in his home.

Let me show you what my bunny love will be like underneath this shining moon and the stars.

You can make me do the rabbit dance with the blink of your eyes and cute smile on your lips.

Let me wander this world with you while we hop like a pair of rabbits across the grassland.

I wonder how we can do the happy bunny waltz with the swaying trees and the bright stars.

I was searching for my own rabbit hole then I realized my wonderland was being with you.

I want to dance with the chaos and waltz with the shimmering lake and the hopping bunnies.

I want to show what will my bunny suit like when I just want to see your beautiful own suit.

I want to sing the birthday dance while we dance along the music beat with our rabbit moves.

I want to keep your rare hare love beneath the warmth of your embrace for the rest of my life.

I wonder how my bunny love of does lift your spirits to heaven and shows your cute smiles.

Let’s just do what the bunnies always do whenever the sun goes down and the moon shows up.

Maybe we would just do what the bunnies always wanted to do: making their own hare love.

Perhaps someday we can catch the rain with our mouths and sing our own little rabbit songs.

Let me show what the love can do to two beautiful souls with hearts like cute little bunnies.

I want to sing my heart out and how it hops like a curious rabbit with a little pocket watch.

We can just dance along the beat of the world like happy bunnies waltzing with each other.

We can hop along with the rhythm of leaves and the whisper of mountains in the distance.

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I just want to show how I loved you like a tall mountain who finally gave a home for rabbits.

Let me go with you and search the beauty of the world while we hop in this lonely place.

Let us dance along with the beat and sing my rabbit heart out with the craziness of my soul.

I want to show how my bunny love can wash away all your troubles and take your pain away.

Let us wander together by hopping across the town and singing our troubles with restlessness.

Let’s do the bunny hop together while we figure out how to forget our own fears and worries.

I just want to hop along with you across this noisy town and search for our own rabbit hole.

I can never forget how we can dance along with the jazz beat like how the cute bunnies waltz.

I want to wash away all those fears and troubles, and just to embrace you with my bunny love.

Let me sing my heart out and wander the world with the beauty of our own little rabbit smiles.

I just wanted to be yours like a cute little rabbit wants to be taken away into his rabbit hole.

Let us just run away from here like cute little bunnies who discovered their own way out now.

I want to drown your beautiful soul with me and my magnificent and stunning bunny love.

I want to wander the world with your gorgeous smile and your stunning eyes like a cute hare.

You should see how you can lift my spirit to heaven like a cute rabbit hopping in excitement.

I just wanted to show you my own bunny love with the warmth of your beautiful little embrace.

I want to scream out loud about the beauty of the world and the wonderful little rabbit smiles.

Let us just walk away from here how we can listen to the beat the hopping beauty of the world.

When I met you, I felt my stomach is filled with butterflies and my heart jumping like a bunny.

I want to sing this rabbit song while we hop along with the beat of nature and the wind.

I want to dance with you to the little bunny waltz while we hop along with our glowing love.

Let me take your hand and jump us together into our own rabbit hole where our paradise lies.

I want to find my own little pocket watch as I know we can measure our own time in forever.

I just want to become a beautiful soul but then I just want to become a happy bunny with you.

I want to go with you to the wonderland while we hop along and find our own rabbit holes.

Maybe we can just lurk like cute little rabbits tonight while we along with the loud music beat.

Let me chase your love like a cute bunny who finally found a tasty treat in his tiring journey.

Let this bunny heart of mine chase you like the tastiest treat in the entire world of bitterness.

I want to travel the world with you like a couple of bunnies hopping across the healthy town.

I wonder how we can fall in love like cute little rabbits among the uncertainties of the world.

We should never forget how we can survive this world by jumping into our own rabbit hole.

I never imagine that our love will be blissful with the long journey into our own rabbit hole.

Just give me one of your great bunny hugs and I know I will be all right for the entire lifetime.

Hey honey, let me give one of your wondrous bunny hugs, so I will be sent to heaven forever.

You should give me one of your cute little bunny kisses, so I can feel like it in my rabbit hole.

I want to send my love into these tiny rabbit holes, so it can travel towards your lovely heart.

I wonder how you can be more beautiful beneath those bunny suit and the glowing moonlight.

I just want to laugh with you like a family of bunnies who finally found their home at last.

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