Breaking Bad PickUp Lines

Do you have a favorite series and you want it to share with the person you are admiring? Then maybe you could find a line or two here to make him/her watch the series with you.
Or maybe you already share the same love for the same series.
Then you could strike an interesting conversation with her all about the series you both love just use the pick-up lines below to start a conversation.

I want to break you so bad like the name of that favorite series of yours.

If I am being forced to choose between you and crystal meth, I would always choose you.

Crystal meth is nothing compared on your beauty and effect.


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Your effect lasts more than a large dose of crystal meth.

I love crystal meth but I love you more baby girl.

I can be your Saul whenever and wherever you need me babe.

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If ever you are feeling lonely baby girl, call me I am willing to be your Saul.

Do you want to rock with me later tonight, darling?

I want to rock with you so bad it hurts.

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I bet rocking with you would feel exhilarating.

If you are a crystal meth I am sure I would consume you little by little to make you last.

It is official. I am addicted to you and I do not want to be cured of this addiction.

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You are my kind of crystal meth and I do not want to be cured of my addiction to you.

Just knock at my door if you want some loving and rocking.

No need to knock because I will give you the keys to my apartment in case you need me.


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I can be your real life Saul if you need an escape out of your loneliness.

Meth? I do not need those because I already have you.

You are more addicting and intoxicating than this meth I have on my hands.

If you are a drug I would sell everything I have just to have you.

If you are a drug I would sell everything I have just to get a taste of you.

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If you’re the last pinch of my favorite drug I’m sure I’d save you as a proof that I had you.

You will always be my favorite kind of drug darling.

You wanted a rock right? Wait for the rock that I will be putting on your finger baby.

Rock? Your body rocks already, you don’t need those.

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Do you want to see chemistry in front of your very eyes? Meet me at my place then.

Chemistry? Are you blind? We already have that.

You want to see chemistry right? Meet me at my meth lab but you should be naked.

They say you are a bitch but I would like you to be my bitch only.

It is okay if you are a bitch. You are my favorite kind of bitch then.


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You will not be needing clothes in my lab because we are the experiment darling.

Can you be my Lily darling?

It is okay if we get dirty baby because I own this lab.

My favorite color? Blue just like your eyes which look a lot like Heisenberg crystal.

My favorite crystal? Heisenberg’s crystal because it look a lot like your eyes.

I own this lab so if I like us to do some experiment it is okay.

You, my darling are my favorite sample I experiment with.

I love you more than I love a bag of blue meth.

If you want me to pick between a bag of blue meth and you. Of course I’d choose you always.

Girl I want you to see the beauty of the exothermic reaction in my pants.

If you are Walter White, I want you to be my Jesse Pinkman.

Want to see an exothermic reaction darling? Meet me at my place tonight?

I can definitely break windshields but I will not break your heart I promise.

There is no way I will break your heart now or in the future.

Want to see my domain baby girl?

Yes darling. This is my business but i would like you to be my business too.

You and I have a business later tonight.

Girl, want to do some business with me later tonight?

Do you want to partner up in this lifetime darling?

I bet we can be good lovers because we are good business partners.

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I know a way wherein you can feel that you are in meth but not actually use it. Game?

Do you want to feel like you are in meth darling?

I can definitely make you feel like you are in meth darling.

Want to see my Pinkman baby girl?

I want to turn your thing into Pinkman boy.

I want to be your Jane dear.

Can you feel the chemistry we have darling?

Want to know the reason behind my name Pinkman?

If you can make this fly make an exothermic reaction then you have me forever.

Catch me pr catch my fly. Whatever you want darling.

I am only ever addicted to you-your body and mind darling.

I always find meth pretty but you are prettier than that.

Gustavo Fring? No questions asked I would cook for you darling.

I need you like I need Walter White in my life.

You never fail to Tuco my breath away boy.

I always wanted to see a volumetric flask. D’ypu mind if I look at yours?

Is that a volumetric beaker? Do you mind if I touch that?

Ooh that is an ermentraut in your pants right?

You do not need a request darling because I would happily do it.

If I am the one who knocks you better open the door darling.

My door is open for you darling. You need not knock.

There is no need to ask. I would take the risk and take a bomb for you.

I love you like Marie in the series loves purple.

My love for you will last like Marie’s love for purple.

This is not just about sex. If you want I will cook for you in the morning.

I am a goodman like Saul in the breaking bad series you love so much.

Hop in my Aztec and I promise we will be having fun tonight.

I too love breakfasts like Walter White in the breaking bad series you love.

Want to break your good and be bad with me tonight in my bed.

I heard you love breakfast like Walter White. Want me to cook for you in the morning?

I do not mind if you battle with me in bed.

Go ahead and be naughty. I will not call Saul like in the breaking bad series.

I think even Walter White would be jealous of the chemistry we have.

Do you want to see Jesse Pinkman of the breaking bad series? My place, tonight?

My love for you approaches 99.1% of being pure. Don’t you want that?

Want to see some genuine science and not a shitty science?

Your cardiovascular system needs some work-up! Want to work out with me?

Baby you could ring my bell as long as you want tonight.

I love you more than I love Walter White in that breaking bad series.

Oh boy you really know how to make me all boil up.

Oh boy you really know your science like Walter White in breaking bad series.

If you want to pick between you and breaking bad, I would always choose the latter kidding.

Breaking bad or you? Why not both darling and some cuddles?

You have the ability to get rid of my stress like that breaking bad series.

I have got the breaking bad series downloaded so my place or yours?

Breaking bad? I would break you in bed so bad but I won’t break your heart.

I don’t have a decent breaking bad pick-up line but I want to watch it with you.

Are you free tonight? Want to watch your favorite series-breaking bad with me?

I am waiting for you to realize that I am Walter White cute.

I love the Breaking Bad Series but I love you more that is the truth darling.

The moment I love the most? Watching breaking bad series while intertwined with you.

Do you need an evidence that the breaking bad series is the best series? Watch it with me.

My favorite breaking bad pick-up lines are yours dear.

I think breaking bad series is perfect but I think you are more perfect than this series.

I can also cook real food aside from this meth. Want me to cook for you?

I would give up this breaking bad series for you if that I what you want.

I do not need a breaking bad series pick-up line just so I could get through your heart.

I do not need a breaking bad series related pick-up line just to get your name and number.

Oh boy I sincerely think that you are way hotter than Walter white.

I like nerdy people like Walter white nerdy.

Want to transform me from a Goodman to a bad one even just for tonight darling?

Real chemistry is only performed by real man like me dear.

Want to go to the laboratory and make everything explode?

You are dangerous for my laboratory because your hotness can make me explode.

If you are a meth I would never sell you because you are precious for me darling.

I would put a million dollars price for you if you are a meth dear.

I would spend a lot of money on you if you are a kind of drug baby girl.

I am never addicted on anything but when you came along you have got me suddenly hook up.

I need you to respect the chemistry that is happening between us or just leave me.

If I were you I would respect our chemistry because this think comes only once in a lifetime.

I would protect you from all the bad elements I promise.

Pinkman or the man underneath my pants? Go ahead pick.

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