Brand Name PickUp Lines

Brand name and other items are already part of our day to day lives.
Brand names are pretty popular simply because they have proven themselves already, that they are already good in what they are doing.
There are many popular brand name, on different categories.
There is brand name for pretty much everything.
There is a brand name for food as much as there is to shoes and even brand name on medicine.
Brand name is all around you if you care to look.
Here are some pickup lines about brand name that might just help you to hook up a person who likes brand name.

I’ve heard you like brand name, how about I brand you as mine and you can name the baby?

You can Guess who wants to take off your Guess pants, coz I surely want to get inside them.

I think you must be the Coke of my life because you open up my entire happiness, baby girl.


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If you are any meal there at McDonald’s I think you are going to be called the McHottie, boy.

Are you working inside Starbucks because I really like your smell a latte, it’s so arousing.

There is one brand name that you will always come back to and I sure hope you come to me.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Your name must be Tim Hortons because you are always coming here smelling really fresh.

I may be a guy but the name is going to be Hostess coz I have some delicious cream filling.

Are you fond of spaghetti? I hope you are coz I am offering you to eat my balls right now.

You must be the Energizer because each time you come, you keep getting harder and harder.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

We can spend the night discussing about brand name, baby or we can have a lot of fun too.

Do you drink Sting because you certainly have a lot of stamina on the bed, baby, I love it.

You must be the maker of the so called frosted flakes coz you are looking really great to me.

I think you are spring coz you are having me here all twitter pated and feeling really horny.

Back to School PickUp Lines

Is your name on the sounds of campfire? Coz you are looking hot and I really want Smore!

A brand name is nothing but a name, let me show you something more substantial on bed girl.

I am going to show you why I am called Snowy day, I’ll get drunk and sled over you a lot, boy.


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I am not any Doritos Taco but I can surely spice your night up if you let me get close to you.

We can name every brand name you know as I slowly start to undress you and please you.

Baby, that natural sweetness of yours is going to put even Hershey’s out their business too.

Soccer Pick Up Lines

You, babe is what really makes the Campbell soup sound so damn good it makes me wet.

Oh, I think you have more legs I have ever seen more than a bucket of chicken from KFC, girl.

You can call me as Mountain Dew any time but we have to hang around and just Baja blast.

Honey, you can call me as Pooh all you want and I will suck on to your honey just the same.

Chocolate PickUp Lines

If you want me to, I am willing to double stuff that Oreo that you are holding on to right now.

How about taking off a piece of your clothing per brand name that I can mention tonight?

I can do the cream cheese filling inside you straightly fresh from my shaft if you want me to.

Baby, you are like Quake, you overload me with desire so that I can fill you up some more.

You are burning hot, babe and I think I can even cook Smores on you coz of that, can I do?

Maybe we can open a bottle of coke and then you can open up like the bottle of happiness.

I was wondering if you would allow me to stick in my hotdog right into your oven to bake it.

Wanna play a game of brand name with me? Every brand name you say, I’ll kiss you hard.


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You have some nice hot buns that I would surely love to hold tonight to keep myself warm.

I think your name should be changed to McDonald’s coz I am certainly loving it, your body.

You must be Wi-fi because darling, between you and me, we have the strongest connection.

You must have been eating some Lucky charms coz you are looking super delicious, darling.

There ain’t much going on with brand name but we can make something up, okay, baby?

I think Levi’s should get you as their model, you have yourself some really plump ass there.

I was wondering if you carry Band-aid with you coz I just hurt myself as I was falling now.

I hope you like hamburgers, baby because I am about to go in and out right out of you, sure.

I want to be able to tell you that brand name doesn’t matter but they do like you do to me, girl.

If you like Kelloggs, you might want to try frosting up my flakes too, come and try to do that.

I hope you like pizza straight from the oven of Pizza hut because I will be stuffing your crust.

I will slap some Wendy’s balls on your face so I do wish that you like Wendy’s just fine, babe.

You must work at Dicks because I think you are sporting some of their goods right now, boy.

Your equipment inside your pants is surely looking as good as they can get, can I suck on it?

There is not much I know about brand name but if it means you spend the night with me, well.

You must work around Home Depot or in it because you are making me as hard as a wood.

Are you working for the UPS because I think you were checking my package out a while ago.

Would you mind getting me some fries to go with your shake, you should work at Mcdo too!

I just believe you will be perfect for Hooters right now, you have something to hoot about you.

You look hot to me and I am so ready for you, come and check Little Caesar’s right away.

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You can curse at me if I am wrong but do you work at what is called as Easy bottom now?

You are just like the new iPhone because I cannot help but stare at you here in public, babe.

I heard you come at the sound of brand name, well, I can whisper them all to you as I go in.

If you were any Dodge truck, baby, I would gladly ram into you without second thought at all.

I want to put my baseball bat straight into you right now and just make you scream real loud.

As candies go, you are one of the sweetest, would you mind if I have a taste of you now, baby?

Your eyes are even bluer than anything that I have ever seen, even Heisenberg’s crystals now.

I bet you have more game to show me than my Xbox 360 can and I’ll enjoy every moment too.

I am more skilled than your American express, I can make you come as fast as possible now.

Come and be with me, I have some brand name that I can show to you inside of my bedroom.

You are just like a Visa or a Mastercard, I am thinking you are priceless whenever I see you.

You must have been eating up some Cocoa puffs because I am truly going into cuckoo for ya.

I think your last name must be Chili’s coz I can imagine myself just chewing on your back.

You must be thirsty but not to worry, I will give you some Sunny-D to quench it right out now.

My name is as you know, pogo, want to go ahead and jump on this stick I have right away?

I will get you a jersey, just tell me your name and include your number as well there, babe.

Is it okay to dip this wild wing of mine right into your delicious buffalo sauce, my darling?

How ‘bout some Skype tonight, just you and I without all of our clothes right away, my baby?

I need no Apple maps because I am getting lost good enough on those pools that you have.

Honey, I have only got some words to you that I want to say, come to my room to know of it.

I have stocks of Klondike right at my place in case you want to come over tonight, honey.

If you wanted to taste a rainbow, we can share the skittles that I have inside my bedroom, girl.

I really like Lego and buildings so why don’t you and I build relationships from scratch too?

I am just like tic-tac, I can assure you that I will leave you wanting more after just one taste.

I am no Dairy Queen but baby if you treat me like one I will treat you like I treat royalty too.

You may not be any Fred but I am going to assure that your bed rocks with me tonight, girl.

I think I would love to be Winnie the Pooh just so I can stick this nose of mine in your honey.

I can be your drum, go ahead and pound into me all night long, I’d love for you to do that.

I am going to slime you real good that you can think I am as good as any Nickelodeon there.

Like Domino’s pizza, if I do not come within 30 minutes, I assure you the next one will be free.

You must be Gillette coz you are one of the best that any man can ever get in his life forever.

I hope you are fond of jingle bells because you look like you can go all the way now, baby.

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