Bowling PickUp Lines

Bowling is a famous sport all over the world.
The love of the people all over the world on this particular sport encompasses age, race, sex, and gender.
So if you want to strike up a conversation with the one you are sitting with on a game who got you feeling like you wanted to win his/her heart, pick-up a line from below and take advantage of his/her love for the sport and be rewarded with a start of new adventure:

Girl you are driving me crazy more than these bowling games I am not winning.

I heard you are a bowler, then you are probably equipped with the nicest balls right?

You make me feel a lot of emotion like I am actually playing bowling right now.


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I will set my eyes on you and use my talent and persistence to finally hit your heart.

Darling, I will aim strikes after strikes just so I could finally get your attention.

Baby girl, I do not even aim to get a perfect ten in bowling because I already have you.

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You are way more perfect than a 300 game in bowling.

I’ve got an idea baby why not we try to experiment a little on those three holes of yours.

The bowling ball is not the only thing that has three holes. Want to try my 3 holes tonight?

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I will never get tired of picking you up from your fall just like a 7-10 split.

Do you mind if I pin you down tonight at my house? Ready?

Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want to be pinned down too?

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Do not even think of a split baby.

I am ready for tonight darling. My lanes are waxed to perfection only for you.

I dare you to strike those and I promise you will have my heart too.


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Never doubt my ability to sweep me off my feet because I am a pinsetter baby.

I can’t think of a bowling pick-up line right now to strike up a conversation with you.

Ohhh you have got a perfect rack going on there.

My mind has been in the gutter all night long because I cannot stop thinking about you.

Baby, my mind is in the gutter all night long ever since that night came to be.

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Want to ditch these gutter balls and do something else more fun than this?

I think you are interesting. Want to go test the waters and strike up a conversation?

Do you know that you have got an incredibowl going on there, baby girl?

Damn, you really are a good bowler because you are on my alley this fast.

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You look like a new bowling ball, shiny and smooth, fresh out of plastic and I like that.

The minute you made a perfect ten is the same minute you have my heart. You can keep it.

Count on me to keep other girls from making a perfect ten for you.

I will take care of you like I take care of a bowling ball.

You make my heart beat faster than when I am playing bowling.


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Do you want me to hit hard or just enough? Tell me what you want darling.

I promise darling, I will not let someone score a ten on me aside from you.

Give me your attention darling; I’ll prove to you that I’m worth your time.

Having you around is more satisfying and exciting than playing bowling.

Do you want a proof of how hard I can hit? Because I would also like you to experience that.

Is your name Track 300C solid because those curves of yours look unending?

You are 10 times attractive because you are such a great bowler!

I know you are attracted to bowlers but I am not one but I can be one for you, baby girl.

I like you like I like this ball; my love for this is for forever.

Is your name corner pin? Because lovely you are unique and the only perfect ten here.

Oh that hurts! I dropped the ball upon seeing your beautiful face.

Want to play a game with me? I promise I would play hard.

It is great that you love my game but it would also be great if you’ll react tonight.

Do you want me to use rubber grips for your holes? Just tell me darling.

I would pick you up you always from your mistakes darling like I pick up these balls.

I care about you like I care about my favorite sports.

Do you want to see my other balls?

I would try to learn your favorite sports with you so I could spend more time with you.

I got a great aim and right now all I want to aim for is your heart.

Do you want me to bend for you dear? Because I am willing.

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Baby, you’re harder to pick up then a 7-10 split.

Just be honest, darling. No need to spare my feelings. I will appreciate honesty.

I am seriously thinking that you bowled over my heart and we just met last night.

The game is interesting but I am more interested with you.

The game is interesting but how about we get out of here and have a different kind of fun.

Let us aim strike after strike and perform tricks together.

For you I will be the greatest bowler the world has ever seen.

Want to know my religion next to bowling? You and your beautiful body.

I worship bowling, yes but right now all I wanted to worship is your beautiful body.

For you I am always ready to roll down this bowling ball and pin you down.

Do you want my ball or not? Tell me so that we don’t waste each other’s time.

You’ve got my attention like only all these bowling balls get.

I will not let you down like those pin balls.

I’m sorry for staring but I might have found the next one I wanted to strike a conversation.

If you are going to be a bowling ball I will not let you be rolled around.

I will keep this exciting like you are watching the best of the bowling games.

I would love to play a game with you just name the game and the lay down the rules.

I won’t settle for one or two strikes because you definitely deserve them all.

All I am thinking about is you and bowling, of how much I wanted to score a strike in both.

I know a lot of tricks in bowling and other things want to try those with me?

The strike I treasure the most? The one that made you interested with me.

My best strike? That is of course when I have gotten possession of your heart.

I want to be held like you are holding that bowling ball.

If I could pick a partner or buddy, I’ll always pick your name first, always.

Doesn’t matter if you failed today at bowling because I’ll give you a game you could win.

I always get excited when I bowling but I am more excited when I get to spend time with you.

Ready or not, I will pin you down.

This game with you is always better than the best bowling game I have ever seen.

Even if I suck at bowling I knew I always wanted to make a strike on you.

I am not good at the game but I am willing to be the best bowler for you.

I can manage not being able to strike, what I can’t manage is missing a strike on you.

I’ll risk everything for you; give you my all like I’m in an actual game of my favorite sport.

I only have one priority, watching you achieve your goals by winning your games.

I am willing to lose on a bowling game with you just to make you feel good.

I won’t let you be pinned down by other people, I promise Darling.

Bowling any time soon? How about we play a version of that in our room instead?

I would like to feel your hands grip me like you are currently gripping that bowling ball.

I want to talk turkey with you all night long in this lifetime and the next.

You only need one hand right? How about you make good use of your other hand tonight?

Darling, you don’t have to worry about my ball because it is in great condition.

I can balance things perfectly; I can hold your hand while my other hand is holding the racket.

I will fight my way in into your heart like the way I fought my bowling games. With so much passion.

Want to talk about one thing we have in common over dinner? Our love for bowling.

I am so used with the thrill these games bring. I’d like to experience a different thrill with you tonight.

For you I will do my 100%, doing everything in my power to win every game I have.

Hey baby girl, want me to teach you this sport and get a free pass to get to know me?

Even if I suck at your favorite sports, you can still be sure about my love for you.

You are a game I am not willing to lose because you come in life only once.

Watch me win all these games and let me take you as my price tonight.

Do not worry girl I will every only play with you when we are bowling not when we are not.

Are you crazy? Of course I will not let you win because I like you.

I love playing game after game with you on the court and outside if that’s what you like.

I would be the most aggressive bowler if you want and need me to just like in my matches.

I promise that even if I am bad at serving I will serve you like a Queen.

Girl, I would do every trick I know just to make you feel special

Girl, if you want me to pretend that I do not know how to play this game. I would do that.

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