Booty PickUp Lines

You were on your way to the bar and the blaring music started to bang your ears.
You don’t mind it though and you walked through the hallway with the silver poles and dancing sweethearts.
They looked beautiful tonight, as you thought while standing in the corner when a gorgeous dancer took your breath away.
The flawless movements and the gracefulness make you notice this beauty, so you waited until the ending of the dance.
While you made your way across the dance floor, this person noticed you and gave you a heart-fluttering smile.
You are lost for words while you gaze at this beautiful face.
Perhaps you might try these series of pick-up lines and these might eventually help you shake your little booty tonight.

I am amazed how the booty of the tiny fireflies shine along with your sweet gorgeous smiles.

I think we might watch another cute animated movie for tonight, like the booty and beast?

Your beautiful butt is like golden orbs of sunshine that ever existed in this melancholic world.


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We should go and built our own paradise where we can shake our booty all through the night.

Let me call the stars beneath the butt of moonlight so they can tell you how much I liked you.

All of these mad sounds, I just see your wonderful booty moving to the beat of the disc jockey.

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I felt I am already in love with you because I know I am blushing with my striking butt cheeks.

Let’s go through the night while we watch the stars dance along with their cool booty songs.

I imagined that the way you shake your head is similar with how you move your booty tonight.

In the other dimension, we can shake our booty just like how we want to dismiss our troubles.

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I want to dance with you underneath the midnight sky where the moon shines its own booty.

We can go into the paradise where the sunshine strikes our virtuous smiles and shiny buttocks.

If we can get along right now, I imagined ourselves as a striking couple of grandiose buttocks.

Soon you can find a lover who will be yours and will stick with you forever like a pair of butt.

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Can you feel the blaring music calling your body and your grandiose booty to dance tonight?

I hope I could resist but my buttocks urge me to man out and to take you to the dance floor.

I can take you to the nice place that can make you show your booty-full elegant smile tonight.


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If we will be the king and queen, the army will fight the intruders with their courageous butts.

The sun will shine here, and true happiness can finally be achieved down to our own buttocks.

We can fight in our own butt-les while we finally achieved the victory with all our might.

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You are the most booty-ful and the grandiose lady that ever walked here in this gloomy world.

I want to serenade for this charming lady with the most beautiful smile and a pair of buttocks.

I love how your pretty dress complements your gorgeous smile and the outline of your back.

Can I take the hand and dance with this booty-ful lady with the astonishing smile for tonight?

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Let me see how you can win this butt-le between us, by drinking this entire bowl of punch?

I bet the next time we meet will be the butt-le field, and I hope I can win your golden heart.

I hope there will be a next time, and this will not be the ridiculous booty end of our love story.

I love how you can build your confidence like how your buttocks felt magnificent and brilliant.


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We can hope for other chances to show our wonderful and crazy booty dance in a cool party.

I want to become a majestic dancer who will make you and your booty to be crazier than ever.

Do you think you will need a butt-ler who will attend to all of your needs and wants in life?

Do you mind if I take you to a paradise where we can watch the crazy trees shake their butts?

You are probably the life of the party because you and your buttocks are a nice couple dancer.

I bet your booty is also moving to the beat of the twinkling stars that kept dancing all night.

Hey, I just met you right now, but I think I was already captivated with your booty-ful smile.

You are probably the disco ball of the party with your shining hair, lipstick, and cool buttocks.

I want to see your booty-ful face and your brilliant blue eyes shining across the dance floor.

We can go lifting this melancholic world with the unlimited strength of our arms and buttocks.

Maybe someday we can climb above the mountain, so we can see its majestic rocky buttocks.

I think this booty song is a perfect dance jam for me and this gorgeous lady with bright eyes.

I want to lay down with you beside the fire and underneath the buttocks of the dancing trees.

I can see that my heart has a head and a pair of buttocks that scream all of my love for you.

We can build our own utopia, where there will be no one attacking or laughing on our butts.

We can make our night that booty-ful by dancing like no one cares all throughout the night.

You can actually show everyone how lovely you are, down from your pretty head to cool butt.

Maybe someday we can make a painting about our love using our own pair of cutesy buttocks.

Can you imagine I will do any magic tonight with just using my majestic and glamorous butt?

I hope I can make you smile like a pair of buttocks laughing after a tranquil accomplishment.

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You can flip my world upside down with a flick of a finger and movement of your butt’s cheek.

I want to float in this pool of eternal love for you by laying down with my majestic buttocks.

I will swear to everyone’s butt cheek that I can love you for the longest time of your lovely life.

I am quite amazed talking to this pretty lady like you, and I felt blushing down to my buttocks.

I am quite attentive about what will happen later when we start dancing with our funny butts.

My buttocks are mostly attracted to people who can do rave in the middle of the dance floor.

We can go now to the west coast and sit with our butts touching the cold and salty seashore.

Listen to the whisper of the wind and pace of the waves along with the hush of your buttocks.

We can begin this party by moving our lovely booty to the cool remix music of the disc jockey.

We can fly away and go into a new world while we sit with our booty in a magic red carpet.

Someday, we can finally find the booty-ful and precious gems hidden in this treasure chest.

I want to hold your hand and take you underneath the buttocks of the moon in the night sky.

You can be one of those dancing shiny stars and blow those cigarette butts off the dance floor.

We can dance along with the sniggering fireflies while their glowing buttocks shine our souls.

We can go into the reflection of the moonlight and smile with a butt face all through the night.

I am waiting for the booty songs to play, just like I have been waiting for your love in my life.

If we start to ride in a cruise, we and our buttocks will be sinking because of our drunk heads.

I want to chew these cigarette butts while you will kiss that champagne drink of yours tonight.

Maybe I will challenge you later and see if I can do the wiggle like your eyebrows always do.

Our love towards the end of this road is like an endless wiggle and clashes of shiny buttocks.

We are like a couple of cute bunnies who can do the classic booty hop in this dance floor.

I think you are the booty waltz along with my impossible dreams inside my complex mind.

Can I request a booty dance with you all day long and for the rest of our complicated lives?

We can sing wonderful songs tonight while our buttocks start to fall in love with each other.

Let’s do the marvelous dance between this giant hairball and a shiny golden pair of buttocks.

We can make another world out of these lazy ideas and the jumpy butt-face of your rag doll.

The sun rises in the east, while I think my love for you emerges from my lovely butt cheeks.

Don’t stare that much or else I might get my real cheeks and my butt cheeks to blush too hard.

Let me carry you inside my pocket as I know our lovely buttocks are meant for each other.

We can dance tonight as a prince and princess in the castle of sweet buttocks and canyons.

I wish we can be together forever in our lives like a nice couple of astonishing butt cheeks.

I notice how these cigarette butts remind me of your red lips and the way I breathe into you.

You can never go wrong with the amazing scent of the cigarette butts and smoke in your hair.

I think I am quite addicted to the mixture of vanilla scent and faint smoke of a cigarette butt.

We can sing along with the rhythm of the cold wind while it warms up our majestic buttocks.

Your love can make me feel high, like my splendid buttocks floating in a magical red carpet.

I want to call this love as cool and I hope that this will not lead as a smelly pair of buttocks.

I never thought I will call anyone who looks so innocent and pristine to be a booty-ful lady.

I want to call you stealing my innocent heart as a great and awesome case for a booty-leg.

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