Bookworm PickUp Lines

There are different kinds of people in this world: the jocks, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the leaders, the followers, the optimists, the pessimists and those who loves books.
A person who are into books in a certain level of depth is what is known as a bookworm.
A bookworm loves books a lot that you will find her or him always with a book under his or her nose.
Should you be attracted to a bookworm, the best you can give is a gift.
However, here are some classic pickup lines that will surely work on a bookworm.

Let us do Wilde things together, you and I, in my room tonight, baby!

Wherever you are, I hope you would not let your Pride and Prejudice rule over you.

I believe in being earnest so I want you to know that I am Ernest about you, honey.


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Are you a bookworm? Because I want to worm my way inside of your pants, girl.

If you are Colleen Hoover I would gladly be with you and hope that it ends with us, baby.

Lang Leav taught me that in a Sea of Strangers, I can still find you, babe.

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I can be the Geek-eralla to your Prince Charming, we can stay up until midnight today!

I think you must be five people because after I met you, I felt like I am in heaven, girl.

You might not be Charles Dickens but I should tell you that I have great expectations, lady.

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You must be a bookworm but I bet your hole isn’t full yet, let me book that up for you.

When I lay dying, you’d be the one I want to see before I pass to the other world, darling.

I can sense that you have a level of sensibility that is quite on par, is that too Austen for you?

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I heard bookworm has a lot of exquisite techniques in every aspect, care to teach me?

Would you let me end the Age of your innocence right now, baby?

You look like a book that I long overdue, babe, since you have the word fine all over!


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I sincerely think that you need to always end your letters in: P.S. I still love you.

Michael Faudet was right: you are one of those Pretty Dirty things.

Like Smokes and Mirrors, we see each other but only a reflection of our own.

You seem to always have a book, bookworm, maybe we can read them together?

Get out of your shell, bookworm and come have some dinner up with me later tonight.

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I love to be with Morrie on Tuesdays but I want to be with you for the rest of the week.

I may not be Jane but I would Eyre tell you that you are fantastic in bed, babe.

I bet you have a lot of techniques to show me in that bedroom, let me be your experiment.

If I was given a flower for times that you have crossed my mind, we’d be in the Secret Garden.

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Hi, I’m a bookworm but my thing certainly is not sized like just a small worm, baby.

You want to make a secret meeting in my garden? We can do things that are fun, girl.

It’s either 451 degrees in here or are you just as hot as a well medium oven?

You must be Harriet because I saw that you were certainly spying on me, are you not?

Am I wrong or are you checking me out with those green eyes of yours, boy?


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They say that a bookworm is truly a wild person in the inside, come and unleash it now.

Let us look at your Wilde side, I bet it would be rather good in bed to check it out.

The sun is not the one that has the capability of rising, my shaft has that power too.

You might want to check out why Pride and Prejudice can ruin relationships, girl.

We can remake the Art of War, you and I and see which of us takes the trophy after all.

Do you hear that? You seem to bookworm your way right into this heart of mine.

What I want for valentine’s is a book not anything else or maybe your body.

When I look at you, I see the Angels Fall every single time, you are truly beautiful.

Any mortal instruments has nothing to do with this heart of mine beating for you.

Hey, bookworm, here’s my number, call me anytime you want to read some books with me.

I would be the Clockwork princess if you will be my clockwork prince, so would you?

Should I go out and find us something like a room of our own, darling?

I would surely go and have your Brideshead if you ever want me, or whatever head you have.

I am good at giving a heads up, want to check it out in my bedroom?

A bet a bookworm like you has no experience at all, want to try out the real thing now?

Girl, you need not become The Stranger, we can get closer than we are right now.

My heart used to be the Lonely Hunter until finally it saw you and it was surely revived.

I am fond of books and it seems that so are you, so why don’t we make a story for us?

They say the best teacher is experience, want to try something out, bookworm?

Would you like to take a look at this hardcover in my pocket, I can show it to you!

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Like those in the books, we can do it anywhere, even in the broom closet, darling.

I have a lot of library cards so I can check you out every single time that I want to.

I shall end your innocence, bookworm and welcome you with an embrace to the real world.

I should take your body to Heights that you would be Wuthering in, that I should.

You and a book are all that I need in the shivering cold nights that I used to spend on my own.

I would love to read and map out every inch of skin in your body, shall we start?

I can show you a kiss that is better than all that you ever get to read, want to try it out?

I promise to read all the books you recommend, bookworm so come and have a date with me.

Maybe the thing is that we should be together, you and I, and set things Right.

I am willing to be the prince charming to every fairytale story that you will ever read.

Baby, between you and me, I think you can be the protagonist all along.

Bookworm, do you have a hardcover in your pocket or are you just glad that I am here now?

How do you like it, bookworm? Dog eared style or the regular bare back one?

I will gladly shower you with books and love, if you date me, girl.

You can have the first read on every book that I will buy if you promise to be with me.

I should tell you, that I can Catch 22 of you wherever you try to hide.

We can play along sometimes, you can be Juliet and I will be your Romeo.

Whenever I see you, bookworm, my heartbeat goes fast, it flutters like pages of a book.

If you were a book, Ms. Bookworm, you would be one will well-worn pages from love.

Are you a Shakespearean or are you a fan of anyone else? I love Dickens just fine.

If you were a page, I bet you would be a worn out one because I’ll keep reading you over.

You must have a hard cover, but it doesn’t really matter, if you are long, I’m fine with it.

I want to be the princess and you can be the best friend that I will eventually fall for.

And the truth is that every book wants to bring a new flavor to reality, I like yours just fine.

You are the most beautiful bookworm I have ever seen, you are truly amazing as well.

I have always thought glasses were nerdy until I met a bookworm like you are, girl.

Maybe we can be what you want or try to do things my way, either way, I’d like a taste.

For now, let’s leave it at I would be hungry for you just like the Hunger games.

I am more than willing to volunteer for any district you are in if you were pick.

I would be the Maze Runner if you get to be trapped inside big walls, babe.

Someone told me that being Flipped over gives you a new perspective, let us try that out.

Who would have thought a bookworm could look as hot as you are, I never did for sure.

If I can be one book I want to be a best seller, so you would buy me and look at me bookworm.

Should I be a book, I want to be The Beowulf but you can still say I’m Robert.

We can, no, we should be together, I am going to write a story of us two.

And for now, we can just be you and I and no one else, that is the truth of it.

For as long as I know, a book is not a book without fine print and baby you are that: FINE.

If you were a book, bookworm, you’d be owned by the library and I’ll be checking you out.

Hey, bookworm, want to go for a ride to the fantasy world and take my hardcover?

Hello, bookworm, I just want to say that I can live to your expectations, any time!

As a fellow bookworm, would you give me a sweet kiss, something romantic, baby.

I am willing to spend all weekend curling up next to a book with you, bookworm!

Let us try to finish each other out before we start reading other people.

Let me get a taste of your sweetness before I move on to something else, darling.

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