Birthday PickUp Lines

It is the time of the year again: the countless greetings, the silly cards, the awkward gifts, and the candles as a forever reminder of your age.
If you are a kid, you are surely excited for this day.
But if you already passed your youth, you might already start to see that birthdays are just like any other days of your remaining life.
But you might notice you won’t feel it ordinary if you have a special companion for this special event.
If you already found yours, I will just congratulate you.
But if you don’t, you should probably go into a party or any crowded place and find a date, with just breaking the ice with few of these pick-up lines.
You might get lucky if this someone will be your forever date, who might blow your candles with you until the end of time.

I want to request a silly birthday dance with you along with the whisper of the swaying trees.

I wish I can I blow your candles and I can perform the birthday waltz with you all the night.

I want to bake you a cake made out of beauty, loveliness, passion, sincerity, and innocence.


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We can jive along with these birthday songs on this dance floor beneath the shiny silver ball.

You should listen to the dancing ducks, how they sing your cool birthday tune just for you.

You can wear a party hat and a dress while we will always dance just whenever you want.

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We can wander in this world with our curious minds and our party outfits with cake frostings.

I want to taste this cake like I want to taste your full red lips and your smooth white skin.

You should listen to the world that wants to play the musical score of parties and balloons.

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You should sing for another round, which was the burning candles and popped balloons.

I can see how my love for you is like a bunch of colorful balloons and bright cute candles.

I love how your party anthem means tasty cake, expected guests, dance floor, and cute dress.

I hope your birthday wishes will come true just like the beautiful sunsets happen in our lives.

I want to gaze at the tiny sparkle of your cool party dress and your gorgeous pair of eyes.

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You can probably dance with the empty champagne bottles and the ridiculous party hats.

I should beg the birthday fairies to help me win your lovely smile and twinkle of your eyes.

I hope we can celebrate your day with your favorite people and your lovely sparkling dress.


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I hope we can celebrate our special days and blow all of the candles in tasty cakes together.

I just want to see your birthday smiles not just today but also for the rest of our happy lives.

Let me celebrate your day with the tasty treats for ourselves in our version of little paradise.

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We can create a magical place in this bed with our colorful balloons and our delicious cakes.

Do you think we can celebrate your day with a glass of wine and thousand passionate kisses?

We can always throw the best party if we can put our knee socks and the blaring jazz music.

Let us call the birds and bees, so we can sing and dance along with their own party music.

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Can I take your hand and beg for a little dance in this huge noisy crowd with party dresses?

This slow music reminds me of a floating party balloon and my Godspeed love just for you.

I want to taste your lips and tears, so I can see if these tastes liked parties and tasty cakes.

I hope that I will not be like a floating party balloon and an awkward party greeting machine.


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I want to see your gorgeous birthday smiles like a kid wishes for birthday treats in his day.

You can go with me to the beach, so we can always watch the sunsets on our precious day.

You can sing with me tonight along the stars in the sky, like floating and glowing party lights.

You can hear another party symphony with the dancing fireflies like a beautiful lady like you.

Do you ever heard of party ghosts because I thought they must see us happy and gay now?

I want to sing the song of the tasty party cakes and the happy colorful balloons just for you.

You can always lift my spirits like thousand balloons carrying all of my weight in this world.

You should turn up in your pretty party dress while I should just take you to a nice jazz dance.

These colorful party lights can never beat the glow and the glimmer of your gorgeous eyes.

We can fly away from here someday with tasty cakes and party music in our happy souls.

You can dance with me whenever you want, as I will wait with a tiny frosting in my mouth.

I wonder what will happen if I will put your lips into my mouth with red wine scent and icing.

You should be a little curious about this birthday paradise that I will definitely show tonight.

You should sing with party dance moves and serenade along with the bright stars for tonight.

I should see that your hair is already glowing like these colorful dancing lights in this party.

My happy tearful eyes met your gorgeous joyful ones, just like one of those birthday wishes.

I should sing you a birthday song while we watch our party fantasies start to come true now.

Do you think I can sing on these mad sounds over this table top stained with a tasty cake?

You should throw a dance party out of this foxtrot music and a dress out of pink tablecloths.

I want to wish you a birthday, but I hope that I will not sound like an awkward lousy android.

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I want to make your day more extra special with these birthday cards from your memory lane.

I hope you can see the golden sunset in your party, like the dancing lights on your special day.

I hope that I can make your birthday wishes come true just like any handsome genie will do.

You should stay with me tonight, so I can throw you a nice cool party in our own paradise.

Do you think that you are my birthday cupcake and I am the cherry red topping in your life?

We can sing your birthday tune along with the flying doves in this gorgeous morning sky.

I hope that you can show your eyes to me like a cold sparkling wine or shining party lights.

I am thinking of a nice gift for this special day like a cozy blanket or warm and tight embrace.

You should do your birthday bash like a screaming toddler in his or her very first special day.

We should celebrate your special day by diving in the pool of pure happiness and the ecstasy.

I hope that I can bring you into our version of paradise full of cakes and tasty treats for us.

We can hope for the best things in life like the east coast and the golden sunsets in paradise.

You should take your special day with me to the dancing moonlight and the glowing fireflies.

I could never wish for any constellation, but I would beg one just for your very special day.

I can sing for any birthday songs that will just serenade the glowing moon or the cozy chair.

We must go into this world where golden sunsets and bonfires meant party souls and laughter.

I want to just witness a bunch of birthday miracles with you for the rest of our precious lives.

You can probably wish for a birthday miracle like how you do in the front of your tasty cake.

I want to cut and share your cake like how I want to give all my precious love and life to you.

You should go and ride in a car into the west coast with our silly party hats and cutesy outfits.

I thought you were one of those birthday bandits who would steal precious hearts and souls.

You can be a glowing firefly if you will wear your yellow party dress and will dance with me.

Your birthday smile always reminds me of pure happiness and innocence like a little kiddo.

I looked around for any colorful party balloons, but I just it looked like your gorgeous eyes.

You should wonder about the birthday cards that sing all of my passionate love only for you.

I want to make these tasty treats out of passionate love, pure happiness, and trustworthiness.

You should sing with me along the little cupcakes and the dancing party balloons in the sky.

I was not only hoping for another birthday cakes but also those little cutesy kisses tonight.

We can sit here in the mountain while we can peacefully eat our cakes with the glowing stars.

You should not think about your insecurities because I already hid those behind the cake.

I hope that we can have anotherbirthday wishes together over the burning candles for life.

I want to wish you a happy birthday by singing a crazy tune and dancing like a fool for you.

You should not be bothered about me who will just want to dance in a party forever with you.

I am happy with no delicious cakes or no blaring music as long as we are together in my day.

I will continue wishing you an absolutely cool birthday in your happy life until the end of time.

I will always love the way your gorgeous blue eyes look like birthday candles in every party.

I am definitely dancing with the joyful stars tonight as we wish for your special day, my love.

I hope that you will celebrate your special day as the heavens start to grant all of your wishes.

I am grateful that you are spending your special day with all your wishes and precious gifts.

I want to listen for another party cake songs with the fluffy clouds and the little frogs.

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