Biker PickUp Lines

Being a biker is not so bad all the time, in fact, being a biker can even make you look a bit sexy.
After all, biking is a sport and being a biker means that you are participating in something that is fun and healthy, something that is eco friendly as well.
People does look cooler on wheels than they do on legs, which is why a biker can look cool even without doing anything.
If you are a biker and you want to impress the ladies or the gents, here are some biker pickup lines that might help you out.

I will be the one who fixes your ride whenever you need me, just call me babe.

Your kickstand is still on or are you just really excited as a biker to come and to see me?

So I left my ride in the service station, care to give me some service right now?


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Babe, you have got such a nice mouth, I bet we can put that into good service now.

I think I have to tell you that my bike wasn’t the only one that possess a shaft, I do too.

My engine is having troubles, maybe you can just get on it and I will push from the back?

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Yes, I am a biker and I have a bike ready for you, but do you want to ride me instead?

I wheelie want to ask you if you would be my date for tonight, baby.

I totally fancy everything about you like I love my bike and that’s saying a lot!

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I can’t handle mechanical failure, but I swear we will never fail, you and I.

Let us go and book a hotel and see what each of us got under all these gears, girl?

If you become my girlfriend, I can promise I would not tyre of being with you.

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As a biker I just have to tell you that my bike ain’t the only one who can produce a shaft.

I think my handle bars just went upside down, I must be head over my heels already for you.

You have any idea what my favorite about biking really is? It’s the first word that I said.


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I think you need to go to a repair shop immediately, you are totally on the hook!

Let me bury you in my claws and whisper naughty things about my bikes to you.

Or we can both ride each other, you and I and see how much fun we can have.

Should we go biking together? Just promise me you won’t be braking this heart of mine.

You can be the biker and I will be the mechanic ready to fix you up before you ride, baby.

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I’m so drunk that I cannot even see the traffic lights but still, should we hang out?

Shall we go out for a drive, you can ride me while I try to maneuver my way into you.

What’s this talk about a unicycle? The only cycle I like aside from bikes is the U and I one.

You are the torch that shines brightly, the only thing I need in driving during the dark.

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I should follow you wherever you go for I want to be following my dreams, girl.

I am a pro biker, I will ride you now and show you how great I totally am.

My love for you is like how Lance Armstrong use his drugs, for a long time without repenting.

I’m going to use you well like how I use my bike, with all my force and all that I have.

I should be the one driving in you right now, so open up and be ready, girl.


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You must be the only one who can set these wheels of mine straight, must be nice, baby.

I am the best in the road as I am in the kitchen, I will eat you out as I teach you to ride.

I feel motivated when I am with you, like I want to just stay beside you for all the season.

I am waiting for your call like a bike that is just waiting to fall from a mountain.

Excuse me, I may be a biker but I have engine troubles too, can you help me out, darling?

No love ever run as smooth but I would ride you out and we’ll see how it goes.

I cannot even handle your suspension, so just let me be the one for you, baby girl.

Biking is totally awesome but if you get to ride me, you’d feel better about yourself, babe.

I’m just going to lay here and wait for you to ride me out, let’s see your performance.

I am not a hipster but I am more than willing to ride things out with you.

Hey, biker, wanna go and get your shaft all lube up right now, come and join me up.

Biker, you can ride my chopper whenever you want, just tell me about it now.

You make my pants all sweaty because of the way your body looks, baby.

You have such a hot body, I bet it would look hotter without all the biking gears on.

Let me take a peek of what is under that gear of yours, baby.

I have never seen anyone who has a frame sleeker than that of your body, babe.

You can ride me anytime you want, biker, I feel that you can ride really well too!

Honey, I notice you are driving a new bike, can I test it out as well, ride it good?

I can ride you whenever you want me to, from behind or upfront, I am willing to.

Your engine does not sound like it is in tune, should I tune it up first before I do you?

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We should go to Amsterdam, you and I and see how far our lucks will take us both.

This is but a bike for commuting, I can show you the other over dinner tonight, babe.

If you are a biker, I shall be the one to fix you up whenever you need fixing, babe.

If you ever need help in practicing your ride, just call me up, baby.

Darling, we can plan some training together, you know, just you and me against the rules.

Shall we try to get fit, I heard doing it is the best exercise for both boys and girls.

I think that must be your kickstand in your pants, or are you just excited in seeing me?

Your ride looks really expensive, biker, let me get you hooked up too, darling.

We can plan to ride up the hill or you can just try to ride on top of me, that works as well.

I would surely buy any tandem if I could ride together with you, honey.

I do not even need any energy bars right now to keep on riding you out, darling.

You should be featured in a biking magazine as face of the month, you look fantastic!

I really believe in riding with a protection, I don’t do things without it.

My bike seems to be in service right now, biker it seems to need some lube, give it to me?

We can live stream any competition tomorrow in my bed, want to try it out?

I have brought with me my whip, do you need it? I can easily come over right now.

And I was wondering if we can take some spin using my handlebars, tomorrow.

I make the best recovery drink in town and I feel that you might just need it, darling.

If you ever need a partner when you commute, just give me a ring and I’ll come.

Biker, you can bounce on me and push me from behind anytime soon, just give it to me now.

We should put our bikes together and then lock them up like we would our hearts, darling.

You are making every single part of my body respond to your touches, that you are, girl.

I love my bike so I know every part of it, but I love you as well and I’d like to explore you.

Let’s watch a race in my bedroom, I’ll be waiting there, you an even ride me whenever.

Should you need a partner in commuting, I am wonderful in those bike lanes!

Sorry, I am the biker but the bike is out of service, want to ride me instead, darling.

I saw how dirty you can get in the course, and that made me like you even more.

I love rides in the morning, so come and ride me up, girl!

You make every single day of my life so amazing, come be with me forever!

Each time I ride, I am reminded of you and how well of a rider you are, baby.

If you want to ride me, you need not ask, straddle yourself and let’s get it done girl!

If you cannot be the mechanic to my biker, you can at least be my number one fan.

I want to be the mechanic if you are going to be the one that will ride the bike, baby.

I race, that is what a biker is, wanna check out if I am really any good at this?

Let’s use some biker leather and burn some leather, baby!

You are more beautiful than even the new release from Harley Davidson, biker babe.

I’m having my bike fixed, as a biker I wanted to ask if I can just ride you?

Though I sometimes cannot handle biker tournaments, I swear I’ll try to handle you.

My biker face gets red each time that I ride with you, it’s something, baby.

You can have it, my biker heart is all yours the moment I locked eyes with you.

I won’t cheat on you like that biker dude back in the 90’s, I’m nothing like him!

They say a biker is cool if he has a girl, so would you be my girl in that sense?

If you are any good at this riding thing, I might just take you up.

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