Big Bang Theory PickUp Lines

Desperate to start a conversation with the person you’re eyeing for quite some time? And you happen to know that her/his favorite series is Big Bang Theory? Then, worry no more because we have got you covered! Below are some of the pick-up lines we created just for you:

Are you free tonight because I would like you to fully understand the Big Bang Theory.

You are not a right angle but you look like someone just right for me.

Do you want your disk hard? Because you are getting exactly that.


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You look hotter than 760 degrees Celsius and do you get that that’s pretty hot?

You are way hotter than that exothermic reaction I was able to witness earlier.

It is okay if you think I am not the right person for you. At least I am acute.

60 Best Pickup Lines

No matter how you look at me, I am acute.

Girl you cannot be just my imagination because that is just sad.

Oh finally I found a mica rock! Damn, you have got the perfect cleavage.

Car PickUp Lines

I have got a problem! Can you make my floppy disk go hard?

I do not have a problem making my disk go hard. I promise I got you.

I love the Big Bang Theory Series but I love you more.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

Best moment? Watching Big Bang theory while you are cuddled with me.

I heard your motherboard needs a RAM? Do you need one too?

Do you know what kind of energy we have? Potential. You and I have potential.


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Do you need an evidence of the Big Bang theory? My place tonight?

Darling I have got to release all this kinetic energy in me. Want to help me do that?

I need to transform all these potential energy into kinetic and I need your help to do that.

The Big Bang theory pick-up lines are perfect but yours will always be my favorite.

The series Big Bang theory is perfect but of course you are way more perfect than that series.


Can I have the password to your V-card? Or do I have to hack that to get to that?

What is your name again? Oh do you know that your phylum is way above?

You are on water therapy right? You are one lucky girl because I am made of 80% water.

What’s your favorite number? PI? Oh good choice because I am like that, long and lasts long.

Soccer Pick Up Lines

Girl I do not mind if you needed a tangent to your curves. I’d be more than willing, really.

In this room I can either be smooth or rough like an endoplasmic reticulum? Choose wisely.

Are you by any chance a Wi-fi? Because I feel myself connected to you automatically.

Dear, you are like a vector you give my life direction that’s been in scalar for too long.


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I do not know any Big Bang theory pick-up lines but I don’t think need those to make you mine.

I am socially awkward like Raj but I am willing to risk it all for you.

I feel like I am Sheldon Cooper right now because I finally found my Bernadette in you.

Baby, I admire your ability to turn my software into a hardware.

This is not a Big Bang Theory series I just happen to know a lot of nerdy stuff you like.

You and I both like Big Bang Theory. Want to talk about our love for that show over dinner?

I only have two different favorite things in the world: Big Bang theory and watching you.

I am in love with the series Big Bang theory but I am more in love with you.

Dear, I’m not going to forget you because I’m watching Big bang Theory? Watch it with me?

Big Bang theory or you? Of course I would choose you! The series can wait later.

I am not afraid to handle a Bunsen burner and sure as hell I am not afraid to handle you.

You are way hotter than the hottest color available in the Universe.

Your presence is like a black hole, you make me want to focus on you only.

Do you want an exhibit of exponential growth? Because I would be willing to show you that.

Uhh are you a photon? Because having struck by you excite me into a level higher than this.

You always take my breath away like I am forced to undergo anaerobic respiration.

You are red hot. You are making my proteins denatured.

Do you want to see my active site? Only if you allow me to see yours too.

My active site and your active site are longing for some action. I can feel it.

I can feel all the serotonin oozing from me just by looking at you.

Awesome Big Bang Theory Pick Up Lines









You have the power over me. Just tell me if this is enough force I am applying.

I will not let you get hurt. I will apply just enough force to make you happy.

I cannot think straight when I am with you, always irrational like the square root of two.

I don’t like scalar because it’s all magnitude. I will give you vector-magnitude with direction.

Are you a blackbody? Because you absorb all my energy with that beauty of yours.

All the scientists would go crazy about your hot body and amazing mind.

I am crazy about this series-Big Bang theory but I am crazier about you.

You should know by now that it is not the length that counts, force is more important.

I do not need a quanta to excite me because the minute you walked in the room that did it.

You are like my integration homework, you are so hard but I won’t give up on you.

I am pretty persistent. I finished the most difficult homework I have now I’ve got to know you.

Our bodies are dying for a reaction-physical or chemical does not matter.

You are intelligent and have a hot body, do you even exist or you are just a square root of -1?

Boy I am made up of girlfriend material. Just so you know.

Dear, you do not have to worry. I am made of boyfriend material. You are safe with me.

Are you in any case a property of this library? Because I would love to check you out.

You are like my favorite book that I would like to read over and over again but never get tired.

Bazinga? Sure I will let you play with mine as long as you let me play with yours.

I’m into neuroscience too. I guess we’ll not be having a hard time getting into our brains.

I love microbiology but there is nothing micro about me I promise.

Your major is microbiology? But I’ll tell you what, there is nothing micro about you.

What is your name? Because I just need someone to put as my emergency contact.

Girl, you are pulling all the right strings right now and that’s making me love you.

If it is possible I would like to have a masteral major in you.

I do not know. I feel like I already know you. Go on and quiz me.

We are both physicist so maybe you will not mind if you and I go physical?

I am a physicist but I promise I am not just interested in your physical beauty.

I am a doctor. Can I touch you or your heart rather?

I am absolutely positive that everything will work between the two of us just fine.

Baby you are more beautiful than the constellation itself.

I am no stalker. I sincerely just wanted to know you like a scientist know its sample.

Fast! I badly need a fire extinguisher because you are hot, hot, hot!

I think you should always carry a fire extinguisher so you don’t accidentally set things on fire.

You are smart and that is the way I like my girls. Want to be my only one?

If I will be carrying a trophy, I would like it to be you and you, alone.

I know a way how to spice up your night-Big Bang theory and some massage?

Are you into Big Bang theory just like the way I am into you?

I won’t lie, I like Big bang theory, there I said it. Can we watch it together now?

I would definitely allot time for you and our Big Bang theory bonding. That’s a promise.

I am no geek or nerd just like your favorite character in Big Bang theory but I’d try for you.

Big Bang Theory is a masterpiece so are the people watching it especially you.

You are sexy because you are nerdy like my favorite character in Big bang theory.

I would like to talk dirty with you but if you rather talk nerdy I’m up for that challenge.

Add some bazinga in your lifetime by giving me a chance and getting to know me.

Bazinga! Did you hear my heart beat just now? That’s because I finally saw you.

No way am I full of shit. My heart is just full of my love for you.

My superpower is to amaze people of my wit and smarts. Want me to try that to you?

You are nerdy, I like that. I always have a soft spot for people like you.

You drive me crazy with all your smarts and nerdy pick-up lines.

All these science geek stuff makes you look cute in my eyes.

You make my tummy hurt so good. Could you be like that forever or at least in this lifetime?

All these geeky pick-up lines you are throwing at me and I suddenly find myself falling.

I have got the brain of Sheldon Cooper and my charm. I can pick you up just fine.

I think you needed some nerdy fun in your life and I could give you just that. I promise.

Girl what are you waiting for? I am Sheldon Cooper in flesh and I’ll give you what you want.

I do not think my pick-up lines need working because I already have you.

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