Bee PickUp Lines

You thought that this was a lovely place for a nice conversation with someone you don’t know.
You looked around for empty seats and luckily found one on a brightly lit corner of the pub.
You sat over there when you finally noticed a pair of gorgeous eyes and a glowing smile from a beautiful lady in front of you.
You want to break the ice, so you want to think about anything to say.
Perhaps you should consider few of these pick-up lines, so you can finally have the sweetest conversation that you might ever ask for in your entire life?

I think I want to be fallen in love forever and always with someone as bee-autiful as you are.

You are the most beautiful flower who is now surrounded by noisy honey bee like myself.

I think I am a honey bee who is attracted to a beautiful flower with a sweet nectar like you.


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Your gorgeous eyes have the sweetest gaze and warmth that I have ever seen in my entire life.

I think your name has been buzzing like a sweet honey bee inside my mind for all the time.

Your gorgeous smile is like a fizzing honey wine that gets better for every second of our life.

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I feel like a honey bee who was captivated to the sweet scent of this beautiful flower like you.

My love for you is like a honey wine that would remain sweet for the rest of our bitter lives.

I think that your hair smells like a vanilla and your beautiful smile is like a jar of sweet honey.

Honey, you are too dashing while you wear your best dress and your sweet gorgeous smiles.

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I have a wish of dancing under the pool of honey and getting deeper in love with you forever.

I want to make your world go crazy like a swarming apiary on the top of a silent oak tree.

I want to drink your insides like the way that I crave for fizzing honey wine in a wine glass.

You should wear your bee dress with your one of your most gorgeous sweet smiles tonight.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

I want to hear your mad sounds like a piece of apiary bringing you back into your little feet.

I am thinking of any cutest puns for you, but I think you are the cutest angel that I have met.

You should hear now what I am hearing, as you talk like a beautiful angel with a honey voice.


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Honey, I want to swim in your love, feel the thickness and the depth to see where it would end.

I want to sing like a happy apiary inside the trunk hole of the tree and show my love for you.

My love for you is like swarming bees that makes me crazy everytime I see your cute smiles.

Pirate PickUp Lines

You already conquered my heart like a honey queen bee who found a comfortable home in me.

Hey dear, I just want to see if one of your gorgeous smiles and sweet gaze like a jar of honey.

Let’s see if you can make me realize my love with your honey fruity voice and sweet gazes.

Honey, you should how my love for you can conquer your world like a honey bee on a coast.

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Your gorgeous pair of eyes is the sweetest thing that I have ever seen in my lonely bitter life.

I hope all of these bitter things will be drowned with the sweetness of our emotions and love.

You are a sweet honey that sticks inside my mind and will forever linger for the rest of my life.

I know that you are already my queen bee ever since I laid my curious little eyes over you.


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You are my dearest of all, like a honeysuckle lurking in a green grass of our own paradise.

You should see that you can be one of the little things that make me stick with you like honey.

Your love is like swarming bees in a hive that are lurking inside my mind all of the time.

We should do the silly honey dance underneath this golden disco ball through the dark night.

I hope there will be a moment when we call each other as a honey bunch and drink red wines.

I hope you are really having the time of your life with me, my dear honey queen bee of all.

I want to let your pain get away from here and fill it up with the sweetness of my honey love.

We should forever fall in love with each other, even when the honey rain falls over us both.

I want to pour this jar of honey all over you, so I can wash your worries and fears in your life.

I hope that you are enjoying the night with me and this blaring music, my honey queen bee.

You should drink this honey wine with me then we could drink each sweetness later tonight.

We could dance tonight with our minds filled with swarming bees, pollen, wax, and honey.

I should later see how these honey bees can help you make our love get sweeter for tonight.

We should see how we can make our own paradise, like a honeysuckle growing in a corner.

Notice that my smile gets sweeter everytime you gave me the beauty of your eyes and mouth.

I want to give you a lip balm from propolis, which is extremely good for your beautiful lips.

May I dance with this beautiful lady who seems to be as sweet and pretty as a honeysuckle?

You should see my heart that jumps like crazy whenever I see the sweetness in your cute eyes.

Howdy my dear queen bee, I would let you conquer my apiary and worship for your love.

We should waltz along with the whisper of the wind, chirping pair of birds and dancing bees.

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I want to beg more honey love in you and forever taste the sweetness of our wonderful love.

I wonder how I can taste this sweet love whenever I want to hide away this bitterness of mine.

Maybe I can forever beg for this sweetness and this bee-autiful love of yours in my entire life.

We should dance with the dancing bees who are probably playing our music for both of us.

I want to taste your one of a kind love which I bet might be the sweetest thing in the world.

I want to see the beauty and sweetness of your soul, so I want to dive more into your honey love.

Let me catch all these swarming bees with the power and the sweetness of our apiary love.

We should see how this chaos will be forgotten with the beauty and sweetness of our own love.

My honey bunch, I want to make your night more extra special with these additional sweets.

I want to see your beauty behind your dazzling eyes and gorgeous smile, my dear queen bee.

You can lurk more for the sweetness of this wonderful love with your gorgeous pair of eyes.

I want to taste your sweetness and your honey beauty that make me stick with you forever.

Your beauty is like the swarming bees in the apiary which seems a sweet creation of heaven.

Your beautiful voice is swarming crazy bees which seems like a mad sound inside my head.

I want to become like the swarming workers who will always protect their honey queen bee.

I wonder if the sweetness of your beauty and smile comes from inside of your beautiful soul.

We should see if this life is a wax and we could be a cool apiary that would show honey love.

I wonder how we can escape with this kind of our sweet love from the bitterness of this life.

We might wonder how we can live by with the beauty of our honey love and gorgeous smiles.

It was a nice night for the two of us dirty dancing with the honeysuckles and the naughty trees.

I want to fall further in love with your pretty eyes and the breathtaking beauty of your mind.

We should spend together with the dancing trees and the waltzing honeysuckles for tonight.

We should talk to the magnificent queen bee so that she can bless us for more sweet love.

I wonder how you can make me go crazy with the beauty and sweetness of your little smiles.

I bet the beautiful honey queen bee approves for this kind of sweet love that we have tonight.

I want to wish for more honey treats and sweets while we dance under the golden disco ball.

You might hope for another sweet moment like this, underneath the smiling moon and stars.

I bet you might be the honey queen bee with sweet gazes of a gorgeous pair of amber eyes.

We could dance with the happy moonlight and the little honeysuckles inside our own heads.

I should sing for a second time around, but I want to taste the sweetness of your angelic voice.

You should make me dance with the pretty honeysuckles underneath the magnificent oak tree.

Howdy my honey queen bee, I want to run away with you from bitter lies and uncertainties.

I want to see more about the sweetness of your beauty and the precious little gazes of yours.

You should sing our love, which we might probably taste like the sweetest thing in the world.

I can never bee-live that we can finally taste the one of a kind sweetness our own paradise.

I don’t want to forget how we can live like a wonderful honey bunch for the rest of our lives.

I wonder how we can live like the others and drown into our own pool of honey paradise.

We might never forget how we can taste the heaven with the sweetness of our honey love.

We should never call each other honey bunch and instead just taste each other like sugars.

I want to see the beauty and sweetness of your wonderful body, my dear honey queen bee.

I want to call you as my honey bunch for the rest of my life.

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