Beach PickUp Lines

Heading for the beach? Then, you should definitely have some pick-up lines tuck on your pocket because there is nothing more fulfilling than making a pretty girl or boy laugh with some funny pick-up lines which could possibly spark a great conversation.
Have fun reading and choosing your kind of pick-up line!

Your curves go on and on just like this beach seems to go and on.

You and this beach makes me feel more alive than I was in the last few years.

Are you the source of the sunlight darling? Because you have got me going all red, darling.


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Am I tan enough for you? Or do I have to make myself a lot more tan so you’d want me?

You have got the best beach body I have ever seen, darling.

Want to know what my beach body looks like, dear?

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I certainly love this beach but I love you more than I love this beach.

Girl, this beach is more relaxing because you are here with me.

Your got me going crazy, baby girl.

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I would love to know how your curves feel against my touch. Would you like to know?

Do you like running on the beach? Then, run away with me, babe.

Girl, how many more laps of running and swimming should I do just to get your attention?

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Even if you are the deepest end of the sea, I would still want to dive you.

Girl, want to dive towards forever with me? Or how about for just a lifetime?

Dear, want to test the waters with me? Or do you prefer if I go first then pick you up later?


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You look like you have got yourself a sunburn? Want me to treat them?

Because of your hotness, I would not doubt that you would get yourself a sunburn later.

Is that a sunburn or you are just getting all red because I walked in?

The moment you walked in, the already bright beach became even brighter but I like that.

Because of you I think I am going to love this beach forever.

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You got me hooked up in this kind of environment, darling.

Baby, this beach would not be the same if you are not the one on my side.

I couldn’t turn my eyes from you because your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

God must have misplaced paradise because for me this is paradise-you and I in this beach..

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I am confused as to what is more beautiful-you or this entire beach? But I guess, you, dear.

Paradise is spending time with you here at the beach, babe.

I heard you love the beach. Want to drive with me towards the nearest beach and just relax?

I do not think you would need beautiful places like the beach because you, yourself is enough.

I will swimming and swimming again just so I could get your precious attention.


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Girl, if you need to put a sun block on your back, I am willing.

I think you needed an extra layer of sun block because your hotness might burn you too.

I see paradise in your eyes, dear and for that I do not need to spend money to go to the beach.

I do not need the beach because you alone are more than enough sight for me.

I don’t think I need to write your name on the sand because I have got it memorized already.

I heard you are into surfing boy? Do you mind if your teach me?

Boy, I think my tongue needs a little exercise too aside as well as my body.

I do not think the surfing did its trick. Want to increase my happiness level baby?

I know how to swim, babe. Do not worry about drowning because I won’t let that happen.

Want to see the extent of how badly I am burnt by your hotness?

I still caught myself staring at your beauty darling. Do you mind making yourself known?

I think I know what your name is, Summer? Because you are hot like that season.

Have you tried walking on a refrigerator? Maybe that would somewhat ebb your hotness.

I do not mind you looking all hot like that because I know that you are only hot for me.

It is as if the waves are celebrating with me because I met a wonderful girl like you.

I can myself getting alive because you look so damn hot, dear.

If this beach has a queen I am sure you would be that queen, my Queen.

I will build hundreds and hundreds of sand castles for you just to make you feel like a queen.

Seeing you here at the beach, enjoying yourself makes me want to sing a song.

I do not think I can find a lovelier scene than you looking so happy at this beach.

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I love your swimsuit but I think I would love them more on my cottage’s floor. Game?

Did you get what the waves are saying, babe? They say you should definitely go out with me.

Dear, your beauty competes with the beauty of this entire beach and I think it is a tie.

You are lovelier than all these pretty girls combined, girl.

How about we make that redness disappear, boy? Meet me at my cottage?

I would live with you in a sandcastle if that would make you happy.

I will write your name on this sand over and over again-my kind of silent prayer for you.

Want to go skinny dipping? I promise it will be fun and a memorable one with me.

I love winter but because of you I think I love summer even more, dear.

I do not think it is appropriate for me to swim without my heart so you have to join me.

If you do not have someone who is capable of saving you, I would like to volunteer.

Do you need help in rubbing that oil all over your body, babe?

I do not think it is impossible to fall in love in this place because I am falling in love with you.

I bet I could make your experience on this place more thrilling and memorable than the last.

I know this beach makes you happy but I bet I can make you happier.

I don’t think you have to get a tan just to make yourself pretty because you are already pretty.

I caught myself drawn to your eyes and I’m tempted to swim on them. Would you let me?

Your eyes they are bluer than the sea and I love that, I love you. Go out with me?

I badly needed a water right now because I am burnt by your hotness, dear.

Jump in the water with me? Don’t hesitate. Say yes to new experiences with me, love.

Do you want me to see on dry clothes for a change? Then, come with me?

I do not think I need to lit a campfire because just being with you makes me feel hot.

You look like you are drowning, darling. Need a mouth to mouth?

Can you pretend that you’re drowning so that I could practice my mouth to mouth?

Boy I think I need a mouth to mouth because I am drowning from your charm.

Even without pick-up lines about this place I think you can steal my heart, boy.

Are you lost because I would love to found a treasure such as you, darling.

Can I be your lifeguard not just in this beach but for this lifetime and beyond?

Boy, for you I would be willing to be a lifeguard.

If I could guard their lives, I am sure as hell I could guard yours with everything that I have.

You make my heart and body burn with need and I love that feeling darling.

I would be the best lifeguard this place has ever seen because you are here, babe.

I think this place is jealous of your beauty and not the other way round.

I think all these girls are looking at you because you are prettier than them combined.

I do not mind slipping and sliding if I would fall right into your arms.

I do not mind drowning for a little bit if I would find myself in your arms afterwards.

Want to swim with me? I promise I know how to swim.

Are you in the mood for swimming or you like a different kind of swimming darling?

You’ve got a strong pair of lungs. A kiss? So that I could check if yours is stronger than mine?

You’ve given me the best two days of my life. Want to extend that to this lifetime and beyond?

Girl because of you I am losing sleep when I should be relaxing. Want to fix that problem?

I heard you love sandcastles. Want me to teach you how to do those?

Girl my wish right now is that I could be your hand so that I could touch you like that.

Do you want me to make you breakfast tomorrow? Then, give me your room number.

I heard you are here for a vacation. Would you be willing to stay if I marry you?

Do I make you all wet? Then, come with me so that you could dry your clothes.

I am willing to pretend I am drowning just to get your attention. I like you that much.

I do not think you needed to add some glow on your skin because I love you like that.

Aside from this beach, I also would like to explore your soul and body. Do you mind?

If you are the sun I do not think I would shield myself from your light and hotness.

Do you want to explore this beach with me? I promise I am fun person to be with.

Girl, do you need a tour guide to explore this beach? Or maybe you need a body to explore?

We both love this beach. Want to come over at my cottage and exchange stories over coffee?

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