Basketball PickUp Lines

Basketball is one of the most popular sports ever and it is quite a hit with the ladies and gentlemen alike, so you might as well try your best to try and make it useful to you.
What you can do is to try your best to just have fun, to do your absolute best in times like this so for now, just relax because here are some basketball pickup lines that you can use in order to get the heart of the person you are talking about it.

I love playing basketball and I can say I am good at it but hey, I promise not to play with you.

Any time you want, you can drop that ball of yours here in this hoop of mine, darling, you can.

Can I wear your jersey because I really love your name, and so do I want your number, love.


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If you are a ball, would you permit me to do a lay up on you and just lay you down afterward?

Maybe you are a player after all, doesn’t matter, but I have some balls waiting to be dribbled.

If I swear I’m not going to treat your love like basketball, like a game, would you be with me?

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You can play with my balls any time that you want, just tell me that you want me this night.

I will never get to shoot you if you were the ball because then I would be missing you always.

You want to come with me to a game this Saturday night, let’s have the most fun of our lives.

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I already have the balls all you need now is the basket and then we can play the game, babe.

Basketball is popular, but you are my priority in this life, want to grab some drinks, baby?

You have such a nice jersey on, I really love how it looks on you, it’ll look better on the floor.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I promise I would never pass you to anyone should you be the ball because I want you mine.

Let’s have some fun tonight, you and I and just kiss each other goodnight until we fall asleep.

If you haven’t heard, let me tell you I am good at handling the ball, want to test it out, dear?


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Want to play basketball in my house, I can show you just how good I am with balls, honey.

I am great with playing with balls and if you want to see my skills, we can do so tonight, love.

Honey, I am great with balls and I will show it to you tonight at my house, just come along.

I have never been kicked out for offense in any game so would you be my first one, huh, love?

Dear, I bet you never would have known how great I am with balls if you haven’t tried me out.

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I wish I can show you that I can do some basketball really great, for I am a pro at this, love.

Want to try out what I’ve got and how good I am with balls and all, let us do some test drive.

You must be Michael Jordan because you light up my world and you are my number on idol.

Remember that I am your number one fan, I am willing to do it all just for you, my dear boy.

PickUp Lines

There was a time when I am so addicted to basketball but hey, now I am addicted to you.

Never have I made a pass that is incomplete, so I assure you that you would not be the first.

I bet everyone is jealous of you because you seem to have it all, beauty, talents and guts.

You seem to be the rebound, should I push harder than ever to make you feel the impact?


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I must shoot three times but with this rate and how good you are, I wonder how I’ll do that.

I am so dedicated to basketball, but I promise you are still the number one in my heart.

I think you must play the referee at times since you seem as if you can swallow that whistle.

Are you good at swallowing, you should do more because I will show you how good I am.

It seems you spend time at the ball court because I would love some courtship right now.

Baby, maybe you can show me how good your balls are or if they really are something, hmm?

I used to think basketball was everything until I saw you enter the room and I loved you so.

There have been rumors that you are a dribbler, well I am already in a puddle right here, boy.

Come here and I will show you just how players like me have fun all the time, how about it?

You seem like you got some great shots in you, maybe I can show you mine as well, darling.

You make my heart bounce just like basketball dribbling in your hands slowly and happily.

You seem like a natural, how about I talk about family planning to you at this very night?

The wonders of the balls have just gotten to another level, I can’t help but be happy, dear.

You are tall enough to be a point guard, so protect me now and I will give you some reward.

I bet you would love to teach me some one on one tonight, how about it, will you think of it?

My love for you is like my love for basketball, enough not to ever give you up or the sport.

I can only say that you are awesome and that I bet you would like to regroup, you and I both.

When I saw you, it seems that my d rose up because you seem to like the balls so much, honey.

I would really love to see your hole to drop my balls into it, what do you think of that, dear?

You are the bulls and I will bring you whatever heat you would love to have, that I would.

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We can make watching basketball games a hobby and just have the best moments ever.

I bet you would really look like a nice trophy beside me all the time, baby girl, let’s go for it.

I will show you how much skills I have tonight in your house, we shall play a good game.

Darling, I would rather be with you than practice the balls all day long, that’s the truth.

I swear I am going to do my best to win every basketball game like to win you heart as well.

May you keep in mind that I am trying my best for you even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Will you help me in making things a lot better because I gladly would take that shot for you.

Maybe I should tell you up front that I am a player but I swear I will be really gentle with you.

There is not anything I would do to hurt your heart, I will not treat it like a ball, my darling.

Basketball is fun especially if you are with me along every game that I am going to play, baby.

I can promise you that nothing will ever stay the same again between you and me, that I can.

Maybe what we can do is tell each other that we will play with each other in this game of love.

Let us be serious here, you and I, we seem like we are meant to be, like basket and the ball.

You can be the ball to my basket and we will win every single game that we go into, my dear.

I get breathless when I play basketball just like whenever I am right beside you, my darling.

If you can shoot three points maybe we can decide on another baby, my dearest wife, okay?

You had me at that smile on your face because it makes you look a lot hotter than ever, dear.

How come you never thought to just be with me all this time and keep making silly jokes, hon?

In a while it will be my turn in the court to play, will you come with me right after this game?

I promise that I will dedicate myself to you like I have dedicated myself to basketball, dear.

Let us go to my house tonight after the game and have an after party just for you and me.

Maybe we can celebrate life the way I want to and you can show me what you’ve got, darling.

You seem to have game, how about you show that to me and let us find out if you have it.

It is very hard to be a basketball player, but it gets easier because you are there for me, love.

I would do all I can to keep the basketball points to myself, so I can be the MVP in your heart.

I am going to get through every player, make some basketball moves just to be with you, babe.

I love basketball as much as I love watching you be with me all day, with everything I got.

If I am to compare you to basketball, you would be my goal in this world full of 1 point.?

Can you be my referee in this basketball world because I am willing to surrender to you.

You are the only person I want to be with in a basketball game, because I like you a lot.

If there is such a thing as love at first sight, basketball was one for me and you’re next.

May you be brave enough to play basketball with me for I love you enough to be serious.

Let me spend some time with you and I swear to teach you some basketball, my dear.

I will not hesitate to tackle you in basketball, but I swear I will not do anything foul, babe.

When I played basketball, my heart leaped with joy and so did my heart when I saw you.

I wonder just how awesome you are if you played basketball as well, I hope you did well.

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