Baseball PickUp Lines

Fan of this sports? And you know someone who is also a fan of this game and you badly wanted to strike up a conversation but do not know how? Then, below are some of the pick-up lines we have created just for you! Pick your line that suits your personality and pick that guy/girl! Enjoy reading!

With me you don’t have to worry about erratic bat because I am highly functional.

Hey girl, I heard you want a hard baseball bat. Want to check out what I have got at home?

I definitely feel like I am in the bullpen because I’m feeling a little warm because of you.


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Girl save your time explaining bases because I’m a baseball player and I’ve got you covered.

You can be sure I will cover all bases because that’s what I do as a baseball player.

No darling. You are definitely located in the outfield because you are an angel in my eyes.

60 Best Pickup Lines

Dee Gordon has the ability to steal bases and I have the ability to steal your heart.

If I can make it through some game series, I am sure as hell I can prove my love for you.

I can balance things, see I can still hold your hand while my other hand is gloved.

Basketball PickUp Lines

I do not have a game tonight but my energy is so high. Want to help me with that?

Girl are you a baseball game because I want so badly to win you.

Even if you are not in the deck circle I want you to be the next one for me.

Car PickUp Lines

I feel like I have just been hit with a pitch when you walked into the room.

Do you want to watch a demonstration of what a sabermagician does? Are you free tonight?

Dear, I am good at catching because I’m a baseball player so don’t hesitate to fall for me.


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Do not worry of falling in love because I’m an outfielder in baseball and I always catch things.

I am an umpire, I make calls. Want me to ring you up later tonight? Give me your number.

Even if you are not Anthony Recker I would not mind you pulling my dinger.

I do not you staring at my curves even if you are not Sonny Gray.

I heard you want a diamond. Date me and I will show you a real diamond.

Cheesy PickUp Lines

I will warm up a bench for you if that means spending some quality time with you.

I will fight my way in into your heart that is how persistent I am because I’m a player.

All my life I’ve been hitting homerun in baseball. I wanted to hit a different homerun with you.

I’m a platoon player who craves action but when it comes with you I swear I’ll be patient.

Good Pick Up Lines

Bored? You want some thrill right? You’re in good baseball player’s hands.

You only have one choice tonight, babe. Is it going to be your dugout or mine?

My fingers are split but I guarantee that these work perfectly fine for what we are about to do.

Want to talk about one think we have in common over drinks? Our love for baseball games.

I’m pretty sure the probability of me winning your heart is high because we both love baseball.


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Do you want me to give you my ball? Tonight? Because baby I am willing.

I am looking for a baseball buddy. Do you like to be my baseball buddy?

For you I would push my limit doing everything in my baseball games.

Damn, you look so hot in your baseball clothes.

I am thankful that in the process of trying to fix myself through baseball I found you.

I would push my limit every baseball game just to get your attention.

Hey want play baseball and lose some sweat with me?

Hey I heard you want to learn baseball. Want me to lend you a hand…forever?

Want to extend our little baseball game and stretch some unused muscles with me tonight?

Baby I will take care of you better than I am taking care of myself whenever I’m in a game.

Hey want me to teach you baseball and get to know me a little?

If you need help about baseball just call me okay by the way my name is baby just kidding.

Baseball made me into this disciplined man. Want to just be carefree even for a night?

You look good even when you are sweaty but you’d look better if you’re in my bed like that.

I am sure I would still like you even if you are not a baseball player.

I am sure I would still like you even if you are not a fan of baseball players like me.

I promise I would prioritize you over baseball every time. You wouldn’t even have to ask.

Girl I promise there is no competition between you and my love for baseball.

My love for you is greater than my love for baseball games.

For you I would win every baseball game just to get your attention.

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Damn I want to feel your well-trained body against my skin so bad.

I do not like baseball but I would love to convert myself to spend more time with you.

If I am going to have a cheat day away from baseball practices I’d like to spend it with you.

If you want to burn some extra calories just call me baby and I will be there.

Want to have fun burning some calories with me tonight because you missed your practice?

Do you have a push up partner already? Because I am so willing to be yours forever.

Do I have to homerun a dozen more times so that you would give me attention?

Do you need to improve your bone density? Because I would be willing to help you with that.

You take my breath away whenever I see you do those tricks in your games.

Do you like the idea of you and me going to my favorite games together?

I heard you’re into running. Want to help me to improve my stamina for my upcoming games?

Girl I will let you in on my training regimen if you let me in in your life.

Do you mind if I include our activity in my training regimen?

I need a good stretch because I haven’t practiced for so long. Want to help me with that.

Honey I would like to be included in your daily routine so I promise I’ll go early to your games

I do not mind if you use me as bat tonight.

You and I should talk about this common passion we have over coffee or dinner.

Babe do you need help in stretching yourself out?

Aren’t you worn out already? Because you’ve been running on my mind since I saw you play.

Girl I do not mind you checking me out as long as you let me check you out too.

Your body is lovely but your entirety is lovelier.

If I could run this hard and fast I definitely could use this to make you happy tonight.

If I could allot this much time for practices I definitely could make time for you.

Boy are you having trouble with that bat because I’d be willing to guide you through that.

I heard you are looking for someone to teach you this game. I think I am qualified for this.

I do not think I have ever seen such beautiful body capable of that techniques as yours.

Darling, I am always ready. I have got gloves stock at home.

This game or you? There is no way I’d be choosing this game over you.

I don’t have a pick-up line related to this game but believe me I can pick you if you watch me.

My favorite moment? Watching our favorite teams play together.

I promise I’ll protect your heart with a determination I only use when playing this game.

I’ll make sure you laugh with all the pick up lines I made related to your favorite sports.

Be ready to be turned on baby! Your favorite sports plus pick-up lines are coming!

I am pretty capable of destroying the other team if you’ll let me destroy you tonight.

How many homeruns do I need to do so you’d give me your attention?

Baby just like the song says, I am always ready to catch a ball for you.

For you, I am willing to sacrifice my games to make you happy.

I also want to see you this thrilled tonight in my bed.

There’s no need to think about choosing between you and this game. Of course, I’d choose you.

Darling, I know you are my number one fan so I would definitely give you a chance.

Tonight. I will be running home to bring you some homerun.

There is no way I am going to choose this game over you.

The minute you walked in the room I get this rush I only get when I am playing my sports.

I can get so competitive so I won’t let them have you without a fight.

I don’t need this sports to fill my time because I already have you.

Girl, you are more addicting than my favorite sports.

Boy, I know a game that can cure you of your addiction to this sports. My place tonight?

Want to be cured of your addiction to that sports of yours? Meet me at my place tonight.

You satisfy me more than my favorite sports could and more.

You make me crazy like only my favorite teams in this sports could

I find myself crazier for you than I am for call of duty.

Damn I want you so bad, more than I want that championship for my favorite team.

I only get satisfaction from two things you and my favorite sports.

Boy, I know a way how to get away your attention from that favorite sports of yours.

I’m willing to spend all my sweat, and blood just to get you like I do in my practices.

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