Bad PickUp Lines

Have you ever been a bad boy or a bad girl? If not, do you ever want to try playing bad? A lot of people has seen a bad side to each other and still would love to have the bad side every now and then. If you want to try and see the bad for yourself, you might as well check these bad pickup lines out. If you are the one that is wanting to hook up and look a bit like a bad person to charm your way into those people’s pants then go bad all the way around. Try out these bad pickup lines and just have your fun.

Have you been a bad boy, because I can show you what outright discipline is in my room.

I bet you must be tired by now as you have been trying to make a run inside my head all day!

I think that you must be lost because you look like an angel and heaven is certainly not here.


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Do you have a spare map right there? I think I need one because your eyes is like a maze.

I have lost my digits, I can’t seem to remember them, mind if I just borrow yours up today?

I have forgotten my name too, would it be bad to ask yours and see if I can have you now?

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Bad girls need to be punished and that is exactly what I am going to show you right now.

My virginity have been long lost, is it okay if I just take yours up so we can both have them?

You see, I have been having some party inside my pants and I’d like you to join me up here.

Should I buy you up a drink and loosen you up first or would you come willingly with me?

Dog PickUp Lines

I am looking for some gold and silver, any treasure at all then I found a chest inside of you.

My body is telling me we should just get on with it and ride on with me, I hope yours is too.

I want you bad, girl, I hope that you can notice that by these bulge in my pants as of tonight.

I think my underwear is nowhere to be seen as of the moment, would you mind showing me?

Basketball PickUp Lines

I think you have some magnet inside of you because these magnet in my pants is standing up.

I’m addicted to hearing yes so would you say that when I ask you to be with me tonight, girl?

Come on up and let us see if your buns are really made of steel or if it’s just for some show.

There hasn’t been a bad girl in my history but tonight I hope that you would be the first one.

Let’s be bad together in bed and show the rest of the world what they are missing out on, girl.


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If I am going to be flipping a single coin, is there any chance that you would give me a head?

I think I’m choking, come help me and put that mouth of yours over mine as quick as possible.

I can’t seem to breathe, can I just have a kiss from your lips for some single seconds tonight?

I think I shitted inside of this pants that I am wearing, can I get in those that you are wearing?

Let us face reality, you and me and just face it, you are hot for me and we need to act on it.

Nerdy Pickup Lines

We should do bad things to each other, starting by taking off each other’s clothes, let’s do it.

I know you have this huge crush on me, no need to hide it out, I’ll show you some good time.

I would be great tonight and show you that I can be as different as unique as anyone else.

I do hope that you have a license with you because you are certainly driving me hot and mad.

Don’t make me angry unless you want me to shove my member straight up into your rear.

Good Pick Up Lines

Do you play tic tac toe because that blouse of yours are showing off some great dots now.

I’d want you to know that you can do any bad thing you think of, I would not even fight it out.

You have got the most amazing teeth I have ever seen, I bet you can make use of it inside me.

No, I am certainly not drunk, I am just drunk with you, your taste and your everything else.

Should real beauty be measured in terms of single seconds you would have an hour alone.


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My mind is telling me this is bad but I really want to get laid tonight so let’s just do it, baby.

I got money, so if you think of fooling with me, you can do it with a safety net, baby, do that.

My name should be Peter pan because I would have you screaming away from never land.

I think you must be the most beautiful lady in this room, at least my member tells me so.

You look fabulous, considering your age and everything else, makes me want to kiss you out.

You have got me thinking of bad things to do to you, we should really check it out in my room.

You want to know of the bad I have done in the past, why don’t I just show it to you in bed?

I want to be able to fry some of your brain cells out in a dramatic but definitely great kiss.

Your eyes are definitely blue and they remind me of my window cleaner back at my house.

You have really cute eyes although the right might just be cuter than the one on the left.

You just owed me one drink because I dropped mine when I saw you walk inside the door.

There may have been some bad encounters between us but I bet we can make this work.

You really do smell bad right now, we should take a shower, you and I, together, right now.

If you know what I mean, then we should get into the tub and clean each other right away.

For a girl of your size, it is a wonder why you do not sweat a lot like other girls do, baby.

You get prettier and prettier every single time that I see you, should I have my eyes checked?

Baby, I want to be inside you right now, so bad, would you just let me hit third base with you?

I am going to whip out my junior so that you can see what you will be up against later on.

You should be getting ready girl because I plan on destroying you on my bed as of now.

I would kiss you and I hope you would taste as good as you smell because you smell sexy.

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I want to get the taste of you in a bad way do you mind if I do that right as of this moment?

I am new in this town, would you be kind enough to give me the address to your doorstep?

I may not be the best at Math but I can certainly show you my digits if that’s what you want.

I’d consider sleeping together with you if you agree to it too, come and try me out right now.

I just have to get a taste of you and the taste of your cave too, I bet it would be as sweet.

I have heard some bad words coming out of that pretty mouth, shall I teach you a lesson?

The guys said you are good in bed, are they right or is that but just a big fat myth, girl?

Your sister sucked when I had her last year, want to go ahead and defend your family?

I really like your butt but then again doesn’t everyone else like the same thing as well?

You should remember my name because you will scream it all night long when I start.

Can I taste you right now, I bet you want to do the same thing as bad as I do, is that right?

I think we should play pretend and then you can be a country that I will be invading tonight.

You will get lucky if you do as much as follow me back into my room, up to my bed, babe.

When you smiled at me, I was blinded because you shined too much, baby, I like you fine.

The thing is that as bad as it sounds, I want to do you to right about now, can we do it?

You should consider getting into the bed with me, I would really like a taste of you now.

I would never forget a woman I had been sleeping with. Wait, what was your name again?

There is not much I can tell you but I know you would like to be on my bed with me now.

Tonight, I will show you what it means to get lucky and you will be thankful for this later.

I want to drill my member up into your hole, is that bad? Because I want to do it tonight.

I think you don’t believe in love during the first meeting, we should meet again some time.

I want to have directions if you do not mind, just show me how to get into your heart, babe.

Something must be going wrong with my phone because your number is, I can’t find it.

I have got a good tongue and I’d like you to feel it out where you are most sensitive, girl.

There is no one else in my mind but you, maybe that is bad but hey that is the truth, baby.

I will recharge you and fill you up real good, promise you that, so can I just take a look?

I have never wanted anyone so bad until the day that I have finally met you, baby girl.

Let me show you how bad you deserve to be treated, come and I will show it to you tonight.

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