Back to School PickUp Lines

Being back to school is certainly a great feeling especially if you like the thought of meeting with your classmates everyday.
You have certainly missed them by now.
It would feel like happiness, being able to go back to school after a long break.
For those times, when you just got back to school and you want to see your luck with the ladies, you might want to try up some back to school pickup to help you out.
Here are some back to school pickup lines for you.

I think we have Chemistry you and I, would you like to try it out?

You must be good in Science because you have some really nice Anatomy.

I heard you are great at Math, so can you change my X with no reason Y?


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I am learning about memorable dates in the books, want to be one?

If you were a SAT exam, I am willing to be in the room with you for more than 3 hours, babe.

Nothing will stop me from going back to school, I need a daily dose of you.

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I don’t seem to have brought my library card but I do want to try checking you out of here.

You are like the perfect exam because I want to go home and show you to everyone else.

I am not obtuse, I tell you, you are just really an acute person.

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In a textbook, you must be the most important passage because you are the one I’d highlight.

You can do a study session, you and I, do you want to try that out?

Should I take you back to school or just take you back to my bedroom?

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Group studying is effective so they say, should we try a foursome?

You are hotter than any burner I have ever used in the laboratory, girl.

You should join the school band, we’ll make some awesome tunes together.


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Even if we are on space with no gravity, I bet I would still be falling for you.

I hope you’re the final exam of my semester, I’ve been long waiting for you.

We can go back to school or we can go and have some fun, babe.

I bet we can learn history later when we go back to school, now let’s learn body language.

I was just wandering how you ever had that significant figure of yours.

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If you are an exam, I would give you more than a hundred points.

My love for you is like an infinite number, never ending.

Do you have Ms. Hawkins for Science? Well I don’t either, we have so many similarities!

You seem to have all the right angles to me!

Sweet Pickup Lines

We should study anatomy, your body and mine before we go back to school, girl.

Should we go to my room and see if we can form any bonds between you and me?

So, should we try out the broom room or just the gym?

High school is a mini version of hell but you are truly the hottest one out there.

Summer is just about to be over like you are about to be falling for me, girl.


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If I am to write a book about you, I would write all about your figure, babe.

Even if the prof says I need to write single spaced, if it’s about you, I can do it fast.

I can’t wait to be back to school and have a taste of your lips.

Who would have known they allow angels to enroll in schools?

I always come to class late whenever I see you because I get so lost in you.

We can do a lot of things, but I bet you’d like to have some experiments no and then.

Together, you and I, can explore tons of things that you want to, shall we start?

I can wish to be your Math exam, you’ll find me hard and you’ll do me really slow.

If you were a math book, I’ll be the solutions manual, I’ll answer your problems.

I hope I’m not like the square root of negative one to you, imaginary.

You used to be so hot back to school, now you are way hotter.

Babe, going back to school brings memories, the good old days.

You are like a student loan to me, you would be around me for the rest of this life I have.

You will never be a SAT pencil to me because you will always be the one for me, never 2.

You have a nice school uniform but I bet it would look great on my bed.

Have they thought you yet how to tie a rope, I’ll teach you how as I tie you on my bed post.

I know around 20 digits of pi and yet I know nothing of your number.

I heard they banned you from the cafeteria because you were too sweet.

Do you like to ride a bike to school? Because you can ride on me anytime you want.

We can go back to school, the final semester, I can finally screw you.

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I love math and it’s obvious you have a significant figure.

Do you like math? I bet you would like to see my digit.

I have the answer to our Science homework, tell me what your number is!

You must be the school janitor, because you wiped the smirk off my face.

Are you a statistics major? Because girl, you have some really nice curves.

Back to school, we can re-enact that prom night where I first made you mine, babe.

I have a problem with Math, I need to find X where X is your home address.

So tell me, if we go on a tutorial, your house or mine?

I can teach you all about the Anatomy of your body, on the floor or on the bed?

I wonder what a cute girl like you is doing in the broom closet.

We can make out or we can just hide from everyone else right now, girl.

I bet that uniform is illegal, take it off before I decide to punish you, bad girl!

I think I have seen you back to school, are you sure we just met?

Going back to school is the best when I want to see your nice melons.

Do you like to party? Because I am about to show you some real good time!

Are you a new student here at school? I can give you a guide to all the nice places.

If you are interested, I can show you some great after school activity, baby.

You have the hardest pencil on your pants back to school days, are they still there?

You must be Harvard because I feel like I have no chance to be with you.

I think you might be my roommate, want to check out if your name is on my door?

Do you work part time at Subway? Because I see you have a really long sausage.

You must be my dream school, I bet my parents would like you a lot.

We should totally hang out a lot, maybe you can teach me a thing or two.

Your back to school package should include protection, boy-o.

I may not be Fred but I bet I can still make you feel awesome in the bed.

Did you use Windex in cleaning you pants? I can see myself inside it.

Do we have any homework or should we check it out first?

I’m thirsty and a lot of after school activities just makes me tired, can I drink you?

You smell sweet, I bet you would taste so good down there.

I bet we can re-enact what happened last Valentine’s day.

You want to see what my hard drive is made of? I swear it isn’t floppy!

If I were to order you, I’d like to see you hard and dripping, babe.

They say the skin is practically the largest of all the organs in the body, mine’s my shaft.

Now that I remember back to school days, I remember your lips on my shaft.

We can go back to school and have a nice reunion, you and I.

You are so good with computers that you turned my soft programs into hardware.

I am an astronaut ready to explore your Venus.

There are practically two hundred six bones in the body but I seem to have another for you.

You look like you have a keg right there in your pants, can I check it out?

You seem to have some strong teeth, can you open my zipper with it?

We should play carpenters where we get can get hammered together and then I shall nail you.

I want to visit in between you during holiday season, can I?

It’s kind of cold this Christmas break, should I go and warm you up?

You should not walk into my building or else the sprinklers will turn on.

My faucet has been flowing non-stop since the day I first saw you.

We should practice singing because you energize me.

I may look like a nice guy but I have some sizzle to show to you.

Let me introduce my body to you once more when we’re back to school.

Do you want to be a teacher? I have a lot of questions about my body now.

You must be a teacher of Math because you have me thinking real hard with my body.

If you were a card, I would write F’s on you because you’re fabulous!

It’s okay to forget all else and practice some oral exercises, I’ll help you out.

How about some help down here, I’m feeling extra hard tonight.

I am willing to do anything if you would give me an A+.

Maybe we can work out on those calories, we can burn them all up.

You have been really naughty this week, I might need to teach you a lesson.

I bet some spanking would knock some sense into you tonight.

Drop low and let’s see what you are truly made of, girl.

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