Astronomy PickUp Lines

Passionate about astronomy and you know someone who is also passionate with that subject? And you sincerely want to know that person but do not know how to spark a meaningful conversation? Then, we got you fam! Below are some of the astronomy-related pick-up lines you and her/him will surely love.

The time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun isn’t complete without you.

Girl, you deserve everything in this world even in this entire universe because you’re lovely.

If there would be another universe where I could meet and love you, I’d still choose you.


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This is too cliché dear but this is what I really feel, I love you to the moon and back.

When the earth ceases to exist, know that my love for you will still stay the same, girl.

When this planet is invaded by the aliens, I’d still hold your hand. Don’t second guess that.

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If we are going to be trapped in a capsule, I’d choose to be trapped with you.

Even in another world and another time, I am pretty sure I would still choose you.

I swear maybe if I am an alien I would still be enamored by your entirety.

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If I can understand astronomy, I could definitely understand the workings of your mind.

I love my astronomy classes but I love you more than I love the stars and the universe.

I will use astronomy pick-up lines if that is the only way to your heart.

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Your heart is a black hole I want to find out a way not to be sucked in.

If you are a black hole, I would willingly lose myself in you.

If you are a black hole, I am pretty sure you are the most beautiful of them all.


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I am not good at astronomy pick-up lines but I swear you are the brightest star on this planet.

I heard you love astronomy. Want to come with me at observatory and talk about astronomy?

With you I do not think I will ever need space.

If you are a heavenly body I think I will be orbiting around you forever, darling.

If I can I will show you the beauty of this world and the universe as well.

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Your beauty can be compared to the beauty of the universe itself.

Wow girl! You radiate the brightest light I have ever seen in my entire life.

Maybe I am as messed up as Pluto but darling I am sure of my love for you.

I can feel myself actually lit up upon seeing you walked in.

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I promise all I want in this entire universe is to be able to be with you forever.

If you are a heavenly body I want you to be the center of my entire universe.

I heard you like watching sunsets but I think that’s narcissistic of you.

The North Star guided me towards you and I believe you are destined for me.

The beauty of your eyes is comparable to the beauty of the stars.


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Girl, you do not have to be a north star to guide me towards you because I know my way.

You are so hot I feel like I am suddenly in Mercury’s surface and not on earth.

We will be watching the same sky later at night. Might as well watch it with me.

Girl, do you want to see and feel what is under Orion’s belt?

I am so ready for you, Darling. I have removed my Orion’s belt for you.

Your name, dear? Because I would love to know a heavenly body like you.

You’re a heavenly body right? Do you mind if I take your name because I’d like to study you.

Your beauty is so vast. It is comparable to the universe itself, baby.

I don’t want just to observe your body through my naked eyes. I want to experience it too.

You can observe my heavenly body tonight, baby. I promise I do not mind.

I heard you’re interested in astronomy. Want to see my telescope at my house tonight?

If ever you need a telescope, just call me up. I could also lend you my other telescope baby.

Upon seeing your smile, it is as if my telescope underneath is approaching escape velocity.

I literally felt my heart rocketed towards you when you walked by.

Hey, do you mind giving back my heart because it just rocketed towards you.

You don’t have to second-guess me. Save your doubts for other people because I’m Sirius.

You have got my heart, heavenly body wherever and whenever you choose to leave this planet.

Do you want to take off with me? The destination is my bed where there are stars on ceiling.

I hate astronomy. Would you come with me and help me appreciate that subject?

Damn, you are looking so hot Madamme! Hotter than all the stars in the universe combined.

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Do you want to know what heaven looks like in my room, specifically in my bed tonight?

You are like a dark matter even the scientists fail to describe. You are that indescribable.

I need you to light up my already dark life. I need you to be the moon of my life.

Do you mind if I make you the center of my universe? Yes, darling like the sun.

Your beauty looks exotic like you came from another planet.

Want to go to the planetarium with me and explore everything that’s beautiful including you.

Your aura glow like the sun glows on a sunny day and I love that in you.

You and I are strongly gravitated towards my bed. So let us not resist tonight at my house.

You know perigee moon right? You are like that. I can feel your pull all day long.

Astronomy is my weakest subject. Want to help me with that? I’ll buy you a drink in return.

The day I met you, it is as if I knew that you’re the one the universe gave to me.

Do you have time tonight? Because I’m seriously curious what your heavenly body looks like.

I think I need a map because it is so easy to get lost in your stellar pair of eyes.

I know you’ve seen all these beautiful heavenly bodies but have you seen your face lately?

I want to visit the observatory soon but that depends if you’re going to be the one touring me.

Want to know how people who are passionate with astronomy do dates? Go out with me then.

I dare you. I dare you to go out with me and appreciate astronomy with me.

You study astronomy right? How do you know when two people are soul mates?

How many hours did you travel from space because your beauty is out of this fucking world?

I would study astronomy so that I could share your passion without you even asking.

Girl let us study astronomy together. I hate that subject but I love spending time with you.

Being anywhere near you during astronomy class makes it bearable.

Darling, I will pay a huge amount just to get to have a space in your heart.

Have you seen the aurora borealis already? Because I have and you’re prettier than that.

Girl, our story would be a French girl met this handsome guy at the park and clicked.

I am fluent in astronomy language. Want to try my skills then have a dinner with me tonight.

The day you came into this school I am so eager to attend astronomy class.

Sure, I can handle a few bumps such as difference in passions-you, astronomy, I, Chemistry.

You look a lot like you came out directly from the universe and that’s amazing and beautiful.

I am not only interested in your body but your astronomy-passionate mind as well.

I want to genuinely know you, how a brain of someone passionate in astronomy works.

I heard you are part of an astronomy group. I’m interested with that too. D’you mind if I join?

Your eyes are lovely and more enchanting than all these stars tonight.

After a couple of minutes staring at you, I find myself drawn to you like the ocean to the moon.

I bet we’re going to see each other a lot because we both love observatories. Your name, then?

Don’t just stare in space, have some fun and dance with me!

Aren’t you tired of just staring into space? Want to know an interesting person that is I?

I am hearing the wedding bells just by looking at your stellar body and personality.

If you are a heavenly body in the universe I bet everyone is going to want to get to know you.

The night is still young. We still have a couple of hours left to watch all these star and talk.

Your smile is currently brightening up this place and the whole astronomy class.

You and I both love astronomy. How about we talk this over coffee?

At the moment, I cannot think of a cheesy pick-up line about astronomy because I am with you.

I like you better because all the other girls are just like white dwarf stars, hot but not bright.

I feel myself gravitate towards you like I don’t have control over this but I like this, I like you.

If you’re a comet I wouldn’t mind of you enter my system. You definitely can stay there.

Someone like you is hard to find like a comet so I will not waste this moment and cherish this.

Do you want to experience a different kind of thrust?

It feels like you are the universe itself-beautiful and enchanting all at once.

Are you sure you aren’t the sun? Because I can feel myself sweating allover as I approach you.

If you are the sun and I am Pluto, I swear I will break every rule just to get close to you.

I can be as unsure as Pluto but I swear I am going to love you like you haven’t felt before.

If I am the universe, I will be contented with you just roaming around me.

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