Animal PickUp Lines

This noisy pub seemed like a jungle and you felt like a tiny rabbit walking in the wild with the lions, monkeys, and raccoons.
Everybody seemed so wasted that some started to scream like animals and screech to whatever one could be.
Right now, you were just drinking your poison when suddenly you saw the most beautiful creature in your entire life.
The beauty of this lady was so incomparable that you bet that the unicorns would agree with you.
A conversation would be nice, but you don’t know how you can fight the awkwardness.
Maybe try these pick-up lines and you could win her heart and raise it in your pride rock someday?

Tonight, I am a cute rabbit who is greatly fascinated with your divine beauty and perfection.

Whenever I saw the beautiful smile on your face, my heart jumps like a happy little kangaroo.

My heart is like a horse running inside my chest when I met you in this dark and noisy pub.


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If you let me, I will chase you like a cheetah and do anything, so I could win your pretty heart.

Am I an animal because I longed for your sweet taste and scent of your beautiful face tonight?

I want to scream like a hyena when I finally found someone as beautiful as you are tonight.

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I am an animal here in the wild that has always been fascinated for the beauty of your smile.

I thought that you were a unicorn because you were the most beautiful creature in this place.

My love for you is like the ducklings following their own mother to their comfortable home.

Your dark eyes are like mischievous monkeys searching for the beauty in my awkward smile.

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We could be party animals all through the night and share everything we have until the end.

I want to be the lion who will roar out of happiness whenever you say that you liked me too.

Let me take the delightful flight with you like a couple of beautiful doves in this starry night.

We should fly away from here and become lovely party animals for the rest of our crazy lives!

Angel PickUp Lines

I want to be the cheetah who will run into you and give the most wonderful kiss in the world.

I hope that I won’t dance with you on this dance floor like an awkward monkey in the jungle.

We might be the magnificent lions in this room full of a bunch of animals and lovely creatures.


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We might be acknowledging this huge elephant in the room, but we should just smile tonight.

I might jump like a foolish monkey tonight whenever you would flash me your beautiful smile.

I will howl in happiness like a ridiculous animal if you just show your gorgeous kind smile.

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Let me drink a coffee, swim like a fish in the pool of our love and make love with me tonight.

I might act like a dolphin starting from now and dive into the depths of love to seek your soul.

Let me fly like a vulture and search for your heart that I will forever cherish in my entire life.

I want to become like the party animals and have fun with you for the rest of our happy lives!

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We should dance like wild animals along with the colorful lights and the sound of the rain.

I want to cross this river like a crocodile and go to your place to see your wonderful smile.

Maybe someday we can be unicorns, so we can fly together above the clouds and the cool city.

I hope my awkward smile looked like an animal who just suddenly met his mate in the jungle.


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We can dance together along with the glow of the fireflies and the laughter of the raccoons.

You should dance with me in the cool party anthem of the cheetahs running in the savannah.

We should love each other like party animals through the night and for the rest of our lives.

I would smile at you like a friendly koala and a cute panda eating his bamboo grass for lunch.

We should never behave as party animals on the west coast and just love each other all night.

I hope you would feel my love like the breeze in the wind and the kiss of the dog in your cheek.

If I would wrap you like a pet tonight with my embrace, you would feel the beautiful paradise.

Our love and affection will be like the beautiful glow of the fireflies and flight of the doves.

This raging fire of our love inside us could definitely make a wonderful hearth for a phoenix.

I want to race my wild heart into the top of this mountain and fall in love with you over again.

You can be a party animal and become as wild as you can ever be with your wonderful smile.

Our love is like a turkey stuffed with exquisiteness, trust, loyalty, compassion, and paradise.

We should dance together like a bunch of animals in the wild and screaming for freedom.

I found out that at the end of this town, the hill contains a home for beavers and our lost love.

We knew that we could dance right here in the valley with the ducks and the birds in the trees.

Let me seek for our spirit animals and bless our night with great party folks and cool anthem.

I would search your beautiful soul in the sea with the help of our fish friends and coral folks.

We should remember to call the wonderful night and sing the beautiful song of the bluebirds.

We should dance along with the heartbeat of the donkey being chased by a bunch of hyenas.

Our heartbeats might be comparable to the wonderful roar of a lion on top of the pride rock.

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We should sing the song of the birds whenever they fall in love with each other for eternity.

We might be party animals on a yacht while we watch the dolphins with our cranberry drinks.

I should sing the song of tomorrow while we join the birds to fly to our own lovely paradise.

We might gatecrash to a cool party right now and still look like magnificent lions in the zoo.

I thought you might be a beautiful crow in the wild who has stolen my precious heart tonight.

Soon, my neck would be as long as the giraffe’s unless you would return my gaze for tonight.

We should face the crowd and look into their eyes like glowing fireflies in the starry midnight.

I want to forever fall in love with you like a little creature falling for the beauty of the lamp.

You might want to dance like a party animal and sing the anthem for our happy lovely souls.

You can never look back and dance with me the way that the birds will dance with the stars.

You should dance with me to the colorful lights like the fireflies finally discovered their home.

I want to seek for my spirit animal so that we can find our own souls in the depths of our love.

I hope that you can dance what we can feel like the bluebirds in their flight to their own home.

The love between us has the warmth of the fire of a phoenix and embrace of a Labrador dog.

I can swim across these raging currents like a whale shark, so I can just be with you forever.

You might want to dance with me like the fireflies trapped inside the jar of a happy young boy.

Your dark eyes are like the scene of the dolphins jumping in a sea under the beautiful sunset.

I hope that our love will last like the wonderful life of the turtles swimming across the oceans.

I want to be the party animal that forever dances with you through the rest of our crazy lives.

We might be drinking our own poisons tonight, but I am drinking your love like a tiny bird.

I would swim across the raging ocean like a tiny fish just to rescue you underneath the sea.

We might want to seek the party animals and forever dance along with their roars and howls.

My heartbeat is always a happy party animal ever since the day that I met you in this room.

I loved how the sound of your breathing is like a beautiful scene of sleeping dogs in my bed.

You should never forget that I would love you like a faithful pet would love his or her owner.

I want to dance with you like a party animal wearing a cool grin on the top of the mountain.

I appreciate your wonderful beauty like the fireflies that are deeply fascinated with the light.

I want to face the world and seek its own beauty behind the exquisiteness of your dark eyes.

I want to dance with you like a party animal against the blaring music of happiness and fun.

I hope your heartbeat will be similar to mine soon, like an animal racing to the edge of town.

I want to dance with you like a party animal found his own version of poison and happiness.

Do you have an urge to happily scream like an animal whenever you felt the warmth of love?

You should not forget the animal instinct inside us that made us feel this little bit of tension.

I hope that I won’t dance with you like an awkward chicken in the middle of the dance floor.

I hope our animal instinct would take over us and just feel our love for the rest of our lives.

My heartbeat is like a dancing little bird in the middle of the forest on top of the mountain.

I want this animal instinct to take over our beautiful souls and feel our happiness tonight.

You should feel this tension between us like the fire of the Phoenix in its own death phase.

Maybe someday we can dance together like beautiful lions on top of the pride rock.

I hope that our hearts will be forever intertwined like pandas embracing each other.

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