Angel PickUp Lines

That serene voice immediately caught your attention, so you look around and saw the owner.
You thought at first, was this real? You couldn’t believe a person with that kind of heavenly beauty existed in this cruel life.
You wanted to take your chances, so you walk towards this angel.
You felt it so unreal, you started to hear singing voices in your head.
Golden streaks of light were suddenly shining on this beautiful face, and you were in awe at this wonderful sight.
You gave your best not-so-awkward smile, while you try to find the right words to say.
Why not try these pick-up lines and you might suddenly turn this as a heaven place on Earth?

Are you an angel because my world suddenly became brighter and lighter?

You can spread your wings and bring me to the heaven with your gracefulness and loveliness.

Are you an angel sent by the heavens, the one who will bring happiness and beauty to my life?


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I see your gorgeous sunshine smiles lighting up this lonely and cold world, my dear angel.

My apologies, I thought you were my guardian angel and I didn’t realize you were real.

You walk over here, and I already hear the joyful singing and dancing of the seraphs.

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You are the beautiful spirit with elegant silver wings and immaculate radiance.

Am I in heaven because I saw a beautiful angel smiling and lighting up my melancholic life?

Maybe you are just an angel in disguise, lurking in the dark shadows and dull purposes.

I will not forget this angelic voice that lingered through the depths of my soul.

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I want to see your angelic and beautiful smile that makes my heart flutter and skipped a beat.

I thought I saw your halo, and I was awestruck how it was perfect for your beautiful soul.

Someday we can be one of those dancing angels beside the fire and be smiling all night.

I want to touch your delicate wings and flowing hair, while we dance under the midnight sky.

Astronomy PickUp Lines

Feel the breeze and let us fly across the night with our wings fluttering like our heartbeats.

I liked how the golden streaks of light fall into your impeccable figure.

I can never imagine I will meet someone like you who came from the magical heavens.


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I want to hear the serenity of your voice, while I watch your gorgeous little smiles tonight.

I think you should get rid your scarf and show more of your angelic features and beauty.

I thought I might only see the angels when I die, but then I met you and I encountered one.

Bad PickUp Lines

If we try to drink these demonic tonics and alcohols, maybe we later see the angels tonight.

I can see your halo shining in the dark, across these halls and down into our beating hearts.

I look underneath the stars and I see a beautiful angel gazing with her curious, gentle eyes.

Maybe what I wanted in life is watching you spread your wings and soar across the night sky.

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Sometimes I imagine you have a halo all over you, shining along with your gorgeous eyes.

I thought you are a beautiful angel drinking red wine and getting cozy under the dark sky.

I am in awe of how you seem to be one of those singing beauties from the heavenly place.

Your endearing voice is like a golden halo shining through the depths of my melancholic soul.


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Hearing you talk to me is like listening to the concerto of the orchestra of angel beauties.

Show me your delicate wings so I can touch it with tenderness like how you touch my soul.

I want to hear your singing voice again, as I felt safe with its tenderness and serenity.

I thought I imagined it, but it was real: you are an angel who walked down from the heavens.

You might be the most beautiful cherub that surged into the darkness of my miserable life.

The scent of your hair and skin lingers into mine like an archangel suddenly cast her glow.

Sometimes I wonder what the taste of the lips of a gorgeous archangel like you would be.

You might be seeing tears right now, and that’s because I am in awe of your angelic beauty.

I am torn making you my beautiful wife or my guardian angel, maybe you can do both.

I never saw someone who dances like an angel, with gracefulness and pure happiness.

I want to write a song about a man who suddenly falls in love with this angelic face.

I was writing a poem about a cherub with her gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes.

Let me take you a paradise where the peaceful spirits joyfully sing their own hearts out.

We are both foolish hearts who just want to be sent to heaven and experience extreme bliss.

I want to hold your delicate hands, as I want to protect its tenderness and so you can feel safe.

I want to look over your body, so I can finally see where this beautiful halo comes from.

We can see each other’s halo and our delicate wings intertwining with each other all night.

I can’t believe the heavenly gates sent a wonderful cherub and let her walk into this dusty pub.

You can pour my drink right now, but I just want to take a sip of your love, my little cherub.

I am just watching you drink, but your gorgeous angelic smile already took my breath away.

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I want to see this gorgeous, angelic smile lurking in the shadows of your dark eyes.

Hold my hand and let us fly away from here and into the woods, across the dark midnight sky.

I hope I can take you in a dance with thousands of halos lurking beneath our beautiful souls.

Sometimes I just want to imagine the heavens bringing out the gorgeous angel like you.

You could tell me with those kind eyes and bright halo how you could love me this much.

My dear seraph, can you take my hand and fly across the midnight sky with your lovely smile?

I’m lost in your astounding radiance and your bright smile that shines across your pretty face.

I want to dance with you above the clouds while the golden streaks of sunshine fall over us.

Your pretty white dress and your dark elegant hair remind me of the dancing little cherubs.

Talk my name with your sweet voice, along with the one of those gorgeous smiles of yours.

Light up the world with your gorgeous and generous smile, my lovely little seraph!

We are showering this secret paradise with the luminosity of our never-ending happiness.

We can go out and play, and become a cherub and demon falling in love with each other.

I want to be one of those lovely guardian cherubs who want to stay beside you all of the time.

I thought I actually met an actual seraph with a gorgeous smile, so apologies for my mistake.

I am lucky I just look around here and I saw the impeccable beauty of yours from the heavens.

You can let your hair down like a princess and sing with the frogs just like the lovely seraphs.

I want to dance with you underneath the lovely stars and the fluttering silver wings of yours.

Let me know if you want to fly across the town and dance with the clouds in the heavenly sky.

We could lift these sheets of clouds and look inside where we can find our secret paradise.

Your soft features remind me of a cherub statue in the museum, just a block away from here.

I never imagined someone with an impeccable beauty like yours exists in this cruel lifetime.

Let’s dance with each other in the crowd while we spread our beautiful wings to each other.

I hope that our beautiful wings will be intertwined with each other for the longest time.

Let’s hope for the best that we could marry each other upon the blessing of the heavens.

In this world, beautiful angels are demons in disguise, except for the real ones like you.

I just saw an image in my mind about the two of us with two little angels who looked like you.

My utmost wish is for you to give your lovely smiles to all of the corners in this lonely world.

We might be having our time of our lives here, but we might probably be happier in heaven.

You could probably see that this simple man suddenly fell in love with this lovely cherub.

I might think of jumping into the cloud nine with you, along with our precious wings and halo.

I want to say that I never have seen such a heavenly beauty like yours, and I really adored it.

Feel free to spread your wings and your smooth legs, so we can take ourselves to paradise.

Your eyes seemed glowing in this dark, noisy pub, and how it complements your sunny smile.

We fly towards the paradise and fall back to the little place we still call our own safe haven.

I thought I would never admit how I am deeply in love with your gorgeous eyes, but now I did.

We can go into the heavenly place where we belong and become happy as we can be forever.

My dear little seraph, you should let me know if you want to make this our secret haven.

I want to spread my wings and wrap your beautiful body with mine until we became one.

Little did I know that I would meet someone with astonishing gracefulness and loveliness.

I hope we would be like those gorgeous angels who would keep dancing in the heavens.

I want hear your heavenly, tender voice across this room full of frustration and melancholy.

I love how your elegant hair falls back and your lovely cherub smile reaches your pretty eyes.

Maybe we were guardian angels who just bumped each other in this messy and noisy pub.

I want to get lost in your angelic eyes and gorgeous smiles all through the night.

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