Airport PickUp Lines

Airport is such a nice place to meet with friends and family.
You find people who come from abroad in the airport and that is why being in the airport is such a nice thing.
Now, if you plan on trying some pickup lines on the airport, then you might as well, try to check these airport pickup lines out and see which of them will work out for you.
Go full force in the airport and see if you can impress some people up with these cool airport pickup lines that might help you out.

If I can go to the airport with you, I would pick now so we can check each other’s baggage.

You get jet lag every time? I bet I can show you how fast I recover right now!

I can ask you out in whatever language you want, just name it and I’ll tell you about it.


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Your sense of wanderlust is truly strong, I love every second I am with you, girl.

If you want some layover with me, I promise I won’t complain about it, babe.

You must be a Customs personnel in the airport because I’d declare all that I have for you.

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Why are you alone, honey, with your beauty, it should be a crime to travel all alone, really.

You are going up to Washington D. C.? Well honestly your D is the one I ever want to see.

Are you saying you are supposed to be in a couch? Honey, we can fly first class from now!

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What metal are you wearing down there, the detector just went blinking really fast!

In the airport, I am willing to let all my personal feelings fly towards you, baby.

I think you have been a bad boy, leaving your luggage unattended, I must punish you.

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My mom says that you should leave extra baggage behind, I agree with her too.

You look like you invented this airplane we are in coz baby you are Wright for me.

You must have fallen out of some B-17 because you are truly the bomb of all the bombs.


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I think you should go check in at the airport and then just wait for me right in the room.

You are what they call a bombshell and how lucky I am that you are mine.

I think you have made me believe there is indeed a love in the first flight.

If we are in the airport, I would give you a thorough body scan, babe.

Hey girl, why are you in the business class when you could surely fly up first class?

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We must be near the port or is it just because my heart is beating too fast coz I like you?

You look like you can be a nice co-pilot with me, together we can live a better life.

You seem to be a good fir up inside my cockpit, you can finally see my cock at last.

I hate flights but if I get to check in with you in the airport, I can manage it.

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Some days I wish you were like a flight just so I can be the one to catch you up.

You might want to take those belt and those shoes off two so we can be more comfortable.

Babe, should we check out your baggage and see if we can take some of them off you?

You should not be let to travel alone with that pretty face of yours, baby.

I get jet lags when I am in the airport but if you suck on me, I bet it can get better.


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You might as well get your passport all checked up I can check yours if you check mine.

Don’t worry about me, I am good at packing all the essentials, what about you, boy?

It seems I have got me some good tickets, want to check if my seat reclines?

I don’t need no captain, just you, to remind me to do things in the upright pose.

I don’t care what gate I will board at the airport, as long as I am close enough to you.

We can even do it doggy style, don’t worry, I bet the airplane has some nice cabins.

Baby, I can show you how they treat people up in the first class in my bedroom tonight.

Girl, a 12 hour time difference really wouldn’t make me feel bad about you, believe me.

Should you be a sticker, you would be right into my vintage set right now, babe.

The airport officers need not remind me that I have to be in the upright position with you.

I would gladly wait in the airport if you are the one I am waiting for, my darling.

I hate staying up all night, especially in the airport but if it’s your arrival, I’ll be wide awake.

We can cross international boundaries together, you and I, let’s do it tonight, babe.

Darling, should we drink some coffee in the morning around Paris?

I assure you I can last longer than any jet engine that you know of right in this bed.

You like to travel, girl? Well, how about I show you my map in the bedroom tonight?

I bet you can’t even pass airport procedures because you are simply the bomb, honey.

Oh, darling you are so cute that I won’t even check on your board pass anymore.

If you are anything, I would love to be your personal item, baby.

Should we go ahead and start the take off right now, I bet I can take you higher.

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Since we are in the airport, well I’d like to get all of your baggage out of our way.

Do you have trouble sleeping in airplanes? You won’t sleep when we do it together, babe.

You don’t need any ticket when we travel together, I would handle everything, girl.

If you want to get into the duty free, you wouldn’t have any trouble if you are with me.

If you have trouble sleeping at an airport, worry not, I will kiss you goodnight, darling.

I am the pilot, should I be the captain of your body for the night, I’ll make you feel good.

Care to drink some wine in New York? All drinks are on me for the night, baby.

You and I can have champagne for breakfast wherever you want to be at, darling.

You have these pretty face, I bet you get pass the airport without a bat of your eye lashes.

I would give everything up in the airport but I won’t give you up, believe me, babe.

I have a private jet in my house and I bet we can have some private time inside it.

Should you be an agent of the TSA, I would be more than willing to get my body scanned.

You look like you have a big luggage in your pocket, is it because you like how I look?

Shall we travel the world together starting from this airport we are in right now, honey?

Are you ready to ride me up tonight and see how far you can go together with me?

I would very much like to be the final destination of your journey tonight, honey.

If you want the European lifestyle, I would gladly give it to you, darling.

Your body is so hot that I have been in Red alert ever since I met you.

I am in the airport with you and I hope you can count me in as a personal item of yours.

There is a lounge for members only and I would love to show you some private time.

If you believe in love at the first flight, I bet you would gladly fall in love with me now.

Who would have thought we would have seats next to each other, darling?

I’d take you wherever you want to go if we are dating right now, believe me.

Want to go to an exotic island, I would take you anywhere if you want to, honey.

I bet you can make a good stamp to my passport, let me see how big you really are.

You should never pass out in the airport but if you do, I will gladly resuscitate you, babe.

There’s something about the way you look that tells me we can be great partner in travel.

We should make the most of our time tonight before we go to the airport tomorrow, girl.

Should we practice the positions for emergency just in case we need it?

If you get to be a TSA officer, you can definitely go ahead and pat me wherever you like.

I would take you to France and give you the best French kiss of your life, lady.

I can show you some good time in the airport if you come along with me tonight.

I can pick up my own food because airport food sucks, want to suck on mine?

I wish that we can be at the airport together, I would back you up.

I can handle myself wherever we may get at, the question is can you handle me?

Your hot bod has me going crazy and keep you in my mind wherever I am.

Whenever you are with me, I promise we would travel first class, you and I.

Should I go ahead and claim all of your baggage?

If you are ready now, I shall board you and taste every inch of you, darling.

If you have trouble sleeping during travels, you would have more trouble now.

Your fun bags look so large, I bet they would look great here on my hands.

Can I hold that boobs of yours just to make sure they are real and they don’t have metal?

My hands are great metal detectors, let me feel you up and see whether you have some inside?

If you have planned your travel now, I hope you have already included me in it, babe.

I’d write your address in my luggage so they know where to find me should they get lost.

No matter what, I would travel in first class so I can recline my chair and get over you.

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